“Flash Tax is Gone” Adobe Says Costly Flash Streaming is History as Prices are Slashed by 90 Percent…..Now On Par with Progressive Download and Windows Media

PALO ALTO — The cost of Flash servers, Adobe’s proprietary software which publishers use to stream the majority of video around the globe, has dropped in cost by some 90 percent as Adobe moves to maximize its marketshare, says Jim Guerard, who heads up the Flash business at Adobe Systems.  The initiative, announce late last […]


Move Networks Powers Surging ABC.com and is Now Supporting Live Programming

It’s not Adobe’s Flash, Apple’s QuickTime or Microsoft’s Silverlight. It’s a technology called adaptive streaming, developed by a small Utah start-up called Move Networks, and it’s revolutionizing the way that online video is being delivered and watched by millions. ABC Television implemented the technology as its primary video distribution platform.  Last month ABC reported a […]

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