LONDON – Retargeting opportunities across video and other channels are growing due in part to technology from Google’s DoubleClick and Videology, says Geoff Smith, Head of Activation at VivaKi, during an interview with Beet.TV at the recent FT Digital Media Conference in London.

“One of the big opportunities at the moment is cross-channel integration and how display, video and social are interacting,” he tells us. “We can be smarter about how we message users across all of them, so it’s about taking different channels as signals for retargeting and then retargeting with different messages across different platform.” For instance, marketers can use DoubleClicks’s Bid Manager to integrate search-to-display retargeting and can also integrate with YouTube to retarget a video ad elsewhere, perhaps even a sequential message. Likewise, a service like Videology can be used so that video ads are retargeted across the Web, he says.

-Daisy Whitney