How French Agencies Must Limit Ad Targeting: SFR’s Vignon

COLOGNE — The ad director of one of France’s biggest telcos has explained how French operators can sometimes be hamstrung by rules when it comes to new-wave ad tech and digital targeting. “We have a legal question,” according to Luc Vignon, the director of SFR Regie, the ad sales house of SFR, one of the country’s […]


TV’s Great Digital Shift Must Be In Linear’s Image: Videology’s Eisenstein

COLOGNE — The TV times are a-changin’ – but that change won’t necessarily come all in one go. For TV industry professionals to adopt newfangled advertising technology already popular on the internet, it must first work alongside the very linear industry many believe it will unseat. “Consumption of TV content is changing…,” Jana Eistenstein, EMEA MD of Videology, […]


StickyAds Sticks With FreeWheel For Video Ad Supply

COLOGNE — European video ad tech vendor StickyAds is hailing its recently-announced tie-up with video-buying platform FreeWheel as signifying US growth for the company. FreeWheel has launched its Preferred Partners Initiative, a programme which will enable deeper integration of third-party supply-side ad platforms. Details of the deeper integrations were not available in FreeWheel’s announcement. “We share the same […]


The Creative Agency Credo: “It’s all about speed,” TBWA’s Global Chief Ruhanen

COLOGNE – Technology is powering a transformation of the creative ad agencies along two lines: one is targeted or  “precision” marketing, and the other is around the analysis of consumer data in the creative process.  Underlying all this is the “speed” of execution, explains Troy Ruhanen, Global CEO of Omnicom’s TBWA agency. We spoke with him […]


Creativity Is Essential in an AdTech World, Omnicom’s Digital CEO Jonathan Nelson

COLOGNE –  Surrounded by tens of thousands of adtech executives at DMEXCO, the creative process was not part of the conversation,  but it needs to be, says Jonathan Nelson, CEO of Omincom Digital, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with him about fast changes in the ad tech world, including the rise of “tech stacks,” mobile/social […]


Programmatic Sales Powering Dramatic Growth for Teads

COLOGNE – Teads, the video ad tech platform at allows publishers to monetize video advertising in article pages, outside the conventional video pre-roll, has registered 300 percent growth, for the first 8 months of 2015.  This has been primarily powered by programmatic sales of publisher inventory, says Bertrand Queseda, CEO and Co-founder in this interview with […]


AOL Expands Global Footprint with Microsoft Advertising Integration

COLOGNE – At DMEXCO, the AOL advertising offering was increasingly global,  driven the company’s new role in managing the Microsoft advertising business.   At the show floor, we spoke with AOL’s global advertising sales chief Jim Norton about the integration with Microsoft and the opportunities in a number of markets. This video is part of […]


Virool Expands International Efforts with London Operations

COLOGNE – Virool, the San Francisco-based adtech firm that provides publishers with video ad units that appear in text articles, on desktop and mobile devices, is expanding its operations internationally with the its London operations headed by digital media veteran Andy Chandler. At DMEXCO, we spoke with Chandler with the emergence of the new units, […]


The “Internet of Things” will Transform Media, Predicts Razorfish CTO Ray Velez

COLOGNE –  Current forms of media consumption will inevitably change with the “Internet of Things,” rendering conventional screens unneeded, says Ray Velez, CTO of Razorfish, in this interview with Beet.TV He says that with smaller chips and Internet enabled devices, all “physical” objects can become digital. Regarding the approach of marketers in this new world, it […]


Video Ad KPIs Are Changing: Innovid’s Chalozin

COLOGNE — Today, the price advertisers pay for ads in online videos is set by the number of impressions or clicks from that video. But things are starting to change, says one ad tech vendor. “The pricing for video right now is predominantly CPM,” Tal Chalozin, CEO of Innovid, which helps turn video ad spots in […]


Operators & Programmers Working Closer: FreeWheel’s Bremond

COLOGNE — Traditionally, in many markets, they have been distinct entities in the TV access world. But now broadcast access operators and the programmers whose content they depend on are working more closely together in the programmatic advertising future. “In the US in the also quarter, about 20% of the volume we were trafficking on our platform […]


60% of SMG’s EMEA Business Now Comes From Digital Content and Data

COLOGNE — Sixty percent of Starcom MediaVest’s business in the EMEA region now comes from digital content and data analytics, which is a fundamental shift from even five years ago, according to Iain Jacob, SMG’s EMEA president. “Fundamentally the agency model is changing, and if you’re not disrupting yourself, somebody else is going to disrupt […]


Morning Show “Bloomberg Go” Set to Launch in October

COLOGNE — Native ads have been called many things — “custom advertising” and “custom content” among them — but their value proposition boils down to one thing. “What we’re really talking about is developing great content or great stories,” says Paul Caine, Bloomberg’s global chief revenue and client partnerships officer, in an interview with Beet.TV […]


Channel 4’s Lewis Sees A Big-Screen Future For Programmatic Ads

COLOGNE — If UK government papers photographed by the press this month are to be believed, Channel 4 – the publicly-owned, advertising-funded broadcaster with a remit to be daring and creative – could be sold off, in the latest dimunition of state-linked organisations. Until and regardless of whether that happens, the company is shooting toward a future in which […]


Addressable TV May Not Take Off Everywhere: RTÉ’s Mullen

COLOGNE — Over the last couple of years, many broadcasters and advertisers have been getting excited about so-called “addressable” TV – the ability to target advertising at individual households, in which consumers have distinct characteristics. But “addressable” may not take off everywhere. “Each market is a little bit different,” says Conor Mullen commercial director of RTÉ, the Republic of Ireland’s […]


For Mobile Ads, ‘Less Is More’, Relevancy Rules: LiveRail’s Arnstein

COLOGNE — Mobile advertising is exploding, demanding focused investment and new strategic approaches from those who deliver it. “I only think mobile – I honestly think that’s the only thing we should be concerned with; we hear that from publishers. ” says LiveRail’s EMEA head Yoav Armstein, whose ad tech company was acquired by Facebook. “Mobile is […]


Mobile And Video Redefining Publishing: Facebook’s Boland

COLOGNE — They are the twin trends reshaping media and, with them, advertising. The surge of mobile and video consumption is the biggest opportunity in front of marketers, says one of Facebook’s advertising chiefs. “Where it took TV and radio years and years and years to reach 50 million users, it took just seven years to […]


Havas Seeing Momentum Off Recent Six-Month Earnings Report

COLOGNE — Despite all the changes and uncertainty in the ad industry in the last decade, Havas CEO Yannick Bolloré observes that his company is seeing a great deal of momentum. “I think we have the combination of a good strategy … and the right people in the right place,” he says. Bolloré was interviewed […]


Ooyala Solving Ad Blocking Problems for Big European Publishers

COLOGNE — Ooyala, the big video services company that bought European video adtech firm Videoplaza a year ago, is finding success with its anti-ad blocking software, says Rags Gupta, GM of Ooyala, EMEA, in this interview with Beet.TV He says the European roots of Videoplaza, having addressed this issue when it first arose in Germany, […]


Collective Debuts Cross-Platform, Self-Service Buy Side Platform

COLOGNE – Collective, one of earliest buy-side programmatic companies, has introduced a cross-platform media buying platform called Visto.   We spoke with founder and CEO Joe Apprendi about the new product, developments at Collective and his views on trends including ad blocking and the perils for publishers and marketers in over riding ad blocking software. We […]

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