COLOGNE — European video ad tech vendor StickyAds is hailing its recently-announced tie-up with video-buying platform FreeWheel as signifying US growth for the company.

FreeWheel has launched its Preferred Partners Initiative, a programme which will enable deeper integration of third-party supply-side ad platforms. Details of the deeper integrations were not available in FreeWheel’s announcement.

“We share the same DNA,” says of the pairing. “We target broadcasters and premium publishers. We are (both) sell-side only. We are both software companies. So we complement each other very well.

“We’re very strong in Europe, they’re very strong in the US. We’ve been extremely successful in Europe… we think there is a place for us in the US.”

StickyAds is rising on the growth in trading of online video ads via so-called “programmatic” technologies.

“In the US next year, 40% of ad spend is going to be transacted in programmatic,” Brunet said, without citing the research source.


This video is part of series of Beet videos produced at DMEXCO, presented by FreeWheel.   For more videos from the series, please visit this page.