Cisco Blends TV and Tablet Viewing in Second-Screen App

LAS VEGAS — Cisco is gearing up for the tablet to replace the remote control as the primary means for consumers to interact with TV. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Neil Cormican, Senior UX Design Manager at Cisco Systems, demonstrating how the company’s second-screen app would work in a video interview with […]


Equilibrium CEO On EQ Network, The Company’s HD Social Video Network

Automated systems pioneer Equilibrium broke into the social video game with the launch of EQ Network at SXSW last year.  EQ Network is the world’s first HD social video network and we had the opportunity to speak with CEO Sean Barger earlier this month the 2nd Screen Summit at CES to find out more about […]


Delivery Agent Partners With Samsung, Brings Contextually Relevant Shopping To Smart TVs

San Francisco-based commerce company Delivery Agent announced a partnership with Samsung as the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.  We had the opportunity to speak with Delivery Agent SVP Sales & Business Development, Jody Stark, at the at the 2nd Screen Summit at CES to find out more about the partnership.


MESA’s Guy Finley On Fostering Development Of Second Screen Technology

LAS VEGAS — The 2nd Screen Summit at CES marked an "unprecedented gathering of all of the visionaries around the second screen."  We had the opportunity to speak with Guy Finley, the Executive Director of the 2nd Screen Society and MESA to find out about how the organization is helping to foster the development of […]


FOX Launches Complete Second Screen Experience On The Tablet

LAS VEGAS — Television viewers’ desire for second screen content is on the rise and Fox has embraced this desire with the launch of FOX NOW, a dedicated second screen experience on iPhone, iPad, Xbox, Samsung Connected TVs, Windows 8 tablets and PCs.  At the 2nd Screen Summit at CES, Hardie Tankersley, VP Digital Platforms […]


ConnecTV Unveils Second Screen Ad Network At CES

LAS VEGAS — ConnecTV, a social network for TV fans, and marketing promotions and tune-in market for everything TV, has unveiled their own second screen ad network, ConnecTV Ad Sync.  The network will deliver ads to second screen devices that compliment television content or ads, in real time.


ACR Platform Civolution Partners With DG To Monetize Second Screen Apps

LAS VEGAS — As demand for and usage of second screen apps grows, a shift towards the monetization of these apps can be seen.  To this end, Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) platform Civolution has partnered with ad management and distribution platform DG.  We had the opportunity to speak with Civolution CEO Alex Terpstra at the […]


KIT Digital Turns Video Ads Into Retail Experience With Ad Locker

LAS VEGAS — As second screen technology continues to evolve, consumer desire for the second screen experience is on the rise and video software and services company KIT Digital is at the forefront of this evolution.  At the 2nd Screen Summit at CES we had the opportunity to talk with KIT Digital’s Global Lead Analyst, […]


‘CBS Connect’ App Brings Second Screen Content To iPad

LAS VEGAS – As networks and television content creators strive to reach audiences on a deeper level, the second screen has become an integral part of television broadcast experience.  At the 2nd Screen Summit at CES, we had the opportunity to talk with keynote speaker Rob Gelick, Senior Vice President and General Manager at CBS […]