LAS VEGAS — Three months after launching its direct-to-consumer subscription internet TV service, the $5.99-a-month CBS All Access, CBS is finding age an early differentiator from its core TV audience business.

“It’s a small base and growing,” CBS Interactive GM and SVP Marc Debevoise tells Beet.TV in this video interview at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

“What we’re finding in terms of the early subscriber base – it’s certainly our biggest fans, it’s a slightly younger audience than even what is core on and other other platforms and certainly our on-air viewership.

“They consume a lot more content – they come in, they pay and they want more. We’re seeing longer and more users sessions.”

Users may be paying for CBS now, but that doesn’t mean the advertiser opportunity has dried up, Debevoise says.

“There’s  slightly reduced ad load for some of the on-demand content, so it’s a better user experience (but) we have more data around that user which enables us to put better-targeted advertising.”

We interviewed him after his session at the 2nd Screen Summit at CES.