LAS VEGAS — Always ready with an insightful view on the state of modern media, New York Times media columnist David Carr tells Beet.TV over-the-top TV services are further fragmenting the landscape – and that makes live sports more valuable.

“The (cable) bundles started to become unbundled last year,” he says in this video interview recorded at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

“I’ve been wrong over and over about sports finally being tapped out. There’s clearly an infinite pricing ability of sports to become more and more valuable as assembling mass becomes more and more difficult.”

With more audiences gravitating toward on-demand, catch-up, over-the-top viewing, the trend is for a dilution in attention to conventional live TV.

“Sports is just about the only thing that can do it reliably, as things like American Idol have falling off the map,” Carr adds. “It’s a good time to be pro football.”

We interviewed him at the MEC session at the Consumer Electronics Show.
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