CANNES — Across the digital ad world, “attention” is rising as a potential metric, even a currency, to fit the new working reality.

But what is “attention”, and how can it improve on the norms on offer right now?

In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Monique Pintarelli, Chief Revenue Officer, Teads, explains why her company just launched a new attention program.

The trouble with viewability

Pintarelli Says: “An over-reliance on viewability, which is the best that we had at the time, has created some bad practices across the industry … like:

  • “optimising toward video completes, even if they’re out of view.
  • “optimising toward anything that is in-view, even if it’s really small.

“… which resulted not only in a bad ad experience, but a bad consumer experience because there’s a lot more clutter

“Now that we have the data to support what it really means to drive attention and what that means for the consumer experience and what that means for brand outcomes, we can actually move to the next level of measurement.”

Connections for attention

For Pinterelli and Teads, the “next level” is Teads Attention Program.

It is a software feature of Teads’ Ad Manager which can show attention metrics for multiple screen types.

To do that, Teads is leaning on its connections with publishers and connected TV providers, plus integrations with attention measurement partners. Notably, Teads is plugging into:

  • Adelaide, whose “AU” is one of the “attention metric” candidates.
  • Realeyes, whose technology measures the emotional responses of viewers to ad creative after upload.
  • Lumen Research, an eye-tracking company.

“Our work with Teads will enable brands to pre-test creative to drive maximum attention ahead of campaign launch and optimize while in-market, increasing creative efficiency,” says Realeyes’ Keith O’Brien.

The components of attention

Although everyone implicitly understands “attention”, the human quality, codifying it as a buyable metric is a different ballgame.

For Pinterelli, it comprises four things:

  • Creative.
  • Quality of the media.
  • Relevancy.
  • Overall ad experience.

Those are the characteristics she says will be surfaced by Teads Attention Program.

“The intention really is to be able to move beyond a viewability metric and into an attention-based metric,” she says.

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