CANNES — People are dividing their time among more media channels and connected devices, pushing advertisers to demand better measurement of consumer behavior. The rapid growth in streaming, especially during the onset of the pandemic, heightened the need for a more universal media currency to help set the value of ad transactions.

“There’s a number of partners that are allowing us to get closer to understanding true viewership and consumption of media and advertising, but we’re not there yet,” Dave Kersey, chief media officer at advertising agency GSD&M, said in this interview at the Beet Villa during the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

“Part of the struggle is understanding what is the best solution for us to work with our clients to say, ‘This is actually what’s happening,’” he said. “Are we really buying the right audiences who are going to convert and purchase your product?”

Planning and Attribution

Improved metrics not only help with media planning, but also with optimizing campaigns while they’re in flight. Insights on attribution help to know which ads and media outlets were most effective, especially as ad-supported streaming video gains audiences.

“What’s challenging is: there’s no consistency, and we need consistency,” Kersey said. “We could transact with a variety of different partners, but when you look at everything in totality, you need that common currency. You need the common understanding of where your money is being invested.”

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