CANNES – The number of retailers that sell digital advertising has exploded in the past few years as marketers have sought to reach consumers when they’re most ready to shop. Criteo has evolved its ad-tech platform to help bring together these retailers and a diverse range of advertisers.

“We’ve always been performance-focused, and so we are bringing outcome orientation to retail media, whether that’s on-site or off-site, in a unified way,” Melanie Zimmerman, general manager of global retail media at Criteo, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Jon Watts at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

“We’re more than just an ad-tech player. We’re truly a business partner,” she said. “We can help a retailer launch their own private marketplace, but we also are connecting them to a broader ecosystem of platforms that allow them to access incremental demand.”

Advertisers have a chance to diversify their media investments among a wider range of retailers than a handful of the big e-commerce marketplaces.

“We see that globally, Amazon represents more than 70% of retail media ad spend, but they are not representing 70% of e-commerce,” Zimmerman said. “There’s an opportunity for advertisers to diversify their investments, and that is not easy for them. For us to help the retailers, we’ll help the buy side as well by providing tools that make it easier.”

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