Advertising can inform, entertain and inspire consumers on their journey toward a purchase. The moment they’re at an online checkout is key for brands that seek to cross-sell or up-sell other products and services.

“The moment that matters most in e-commerce is when somebody has done their browsing, done their shopping, put something in their cart and they’re ready to check out,” Doug Rozen, chief marketing officer at e-commerce martech company Rokt, said in this interview with Lisa Granatstein, editorial director of Beet.TV.

“That’s an opportunity when they’re ready to purchase, when they’re most interested in that buying mindset,” Rozen said. “We want to try to find ways and how we can unlock that, and drive greater value and relevance for not only the consumer that’s shopping, but the retailer and advertisers.”

Going Beyond Personalization

Offers are most significant when they’re not only personalized, but also when they’re most meaningful to shoppers. Sometimes, it’s best to avoid showing an offer.

“Relevance is all about striving beyond personalization,” Rozen said. “Sometimes the best ad is an ad not shown at all…it’s really having that ability to unlock the right moment in order to maximize the value and the interest that a consumer has.”

Context plays an important role ensuring offers are suitable for time and place.

“What we try to do is make sure that the ad experience is really native and built-in,” Rozen said. “It doesn’t feel like an ad. It’s actually an offer, an opportunity for somebody to extend what they just purchased.

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