Orabrush’s Jeffrey Harmon: YouTube is Way More Effective than TV for Small Businesses

ANAHEIM — Orabrush was “the first company to figure out how to commercialize YouTube using YouTube’s commercial tools to get an ROI on a product,” says company co-founder and head of marketing Jeffrey Harmon. We spoke with Harmon at VidCon to find out more about how Orabrush has utilized YouTube to sell product and become […]


HLG Studios’ Yuri Baranovsky on Distribution: “Sticking to just YouTube isn’t the best option”

ANAHEIM — Today’s video creators have a wide variety of options when it comes to distributing their videos, from YouTube and Vimeo to Blip.tv, Hulu, Dailymotion, and beyond, yet many content creators are using YouTube alone. Yuri Baranovsky, co-founder of Happy Little Guillotine Studios, says “sticking to just YouTube isn’t the best option.” We spoke […]


VidCon 2013 Breaks Records, Draws 12,000 Online Video Creators & Fans

ANAHEIM — Over the weekend, YouTube creators and fans gathered at the annual VidCon convention to celebrate online video. We had the opportunity to speak with VidCon co-founder John Green to find out more about the convention and some of the other projects he’s working on. John and Hank Green, the VlogBrothers, started YouTube in […]


Big Frame’s Sarah Penna On The Role of Multi-Channel Networks

ANAHEIM — One of the biggest themes at VidCon this year was Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs), like Maker Studios, Fullscreen, Machinima, Revision3 and others, and their role in the YouTube ecosystem. We spoke with Sarah Penna, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of media company and MCN Big Frame to find out more about these networks in […]


ExMachina Introduces ‘Made For Second Screen’ Initiative At MIPTV

CANNES — Second screen applications and technologies are becoming increasingly popular. ExMachina CEO Jeroen Elfferich says statistics are showing that up to 20 percent of television viewers will “gladly pick up a device and participate” if they are prompted to.  Beet.TV spoke with Elfferich at the MIPTV Conference in Cannes to find out more about […]


Adobe Launches Collaborative Editing Solution at NAB

LAS VEGAS  —  At NAB last week,  Adobe presented its collaborative editing solution called Adobe Anywhere.  At the show, Beet.TV interviewed Adobe Anywhere Senior Product Manager Michael Coleman about the product. Coleman explained, “Anywhere is going to allow professionals that are working with Premiere Pro and Prelude to collaborate on media over the network.”  Groups […]


Rovi Drives Discovery via Machine and Human-Driven Content Association

LAS VEGAS — As consumers are watching vastly increasing content on digital devices, discovery of relevant content is becoming an increasing problem.  Rovi has a discovery engine that associates content by machine and human editors, explains Rovi’s Damian Francis in this video interview with Beet.TV.  We spoke with him last week, at NAB. Francis explains […]


Orange Touts its Second Screen Usage in France and the U.K.

CANNES — As smartphone and social technology improves, users have become empowered and are creating their own usages and solutions for second screen entertainment, leveraging the tools at their disposal, says David Nahmani, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Orange/France Telecom in this interview with Beet.TV at the MIPTV conference. Orange was early to […]


MEC’s Chantal Rickards: “Second Screen Is Vital To Broadcasters”

CANNES — More and more producers and broadcasters are adopting second screen strategies, but Chantal Rickards, Head of Programming & Branded Content at MEC, believes that these producers and broadcasters should be putting even more resources into the second screen—5 percent, to be exact.  We spoke with Rickards at the MIPTV Conference in Cannes to […]


A&E Touts Link Between Social Buzz and Global Tune-In

CANNES — “Digital platforms provide us a real opportunity to engage with our users,” says Christopher Barry, Managing Director of Strategy & Digital at A&E.  At the MIPTV Conference in Cannes, we had the opportunity to speak with Barry about A&E’s social and digital strategy, and the correlation between social buzz and tune-in. A&E has […]


dotSUB Founder Michael Smolens on the Value of Translation in Online Video

70 percent of all video views on global video platforms like YouTube come from foreign ISPs, yet 99 percent of the content is in English, explains dotSUB Founder and Chairman Michael Smolens.  dotSUB seeks to make this English content available to everyone, offering a service that enables video on the web to be time-coded and […]


Draper Fishers VC Joy Marcus Charts Disruption in Online Video

“The consumer experience in online video right now is not perfect, and I think that there is a lot of potential for disruption,” says Joy Marcus, Partner at DJF Gotham Ventures.  At the Beet.TV executive retreat in February, we had the opportunity to sit down with Marcus and learn more about which areas of the […]


Programmatic Buying Has Supercharged Dailymotion’s International Growth

Dailymotion is now the world’s second largest video site.  Reaching over 200 million people per month, the company has reach in countries all over the world.  At the Beet.TV executive retreat last month, Joanna O’Connell of Forrester Research sat down with Roland Hamilton, Managing Director of Dailymotion in the United States, to discuss how the […]