ANAHEIM — One of the biggest themes at VidCon this year was Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs), like Maker Studios, Fullscreen, Machinima, Revision3 and others, and their role in the YouTube ecosystem. We spoke with Sarah Penna, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of media company and MCN Big Frame to find out more about these networks in general, as well as what makes Big Frame unique.

Penna explains, “each MCN has kind of a different offering – some of them offer brand deals, some of them offer best practices, support, helping you grow your audience, but essentially MCNs help professionalize your content and help you monetize it at a different rate.”

Big Frame is “sort of the boutique of the space,” says Penna. “We don’t have as many content creators, we’re a little more picky about the creators we bring in.” Over the past year, Big Frame has grown from around 60 creators to over 300, thanks to the launch of four vertical brands—Wonderly, a creative DIY female space; Forefront, an urban comedy network; Outlandish, a network for the LGBT community; and Polish, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle network.