LAS VEGAS — As consumers are watching vastly increasing content on digital devices, discovery of relevant content is becoming an increasing problem.  Rovi has a discovery engine that associates content by machine and human editors, explains Rovi’s Damian Francis in this video interview with Beet.TV.  We spoke with him last week, at NAB.

Francis explains that, “To us, content isn’t linear.  Content is almost like software.  It needs constant refreshing.”  To this end, the company works not only with metadata and recommendation engines but also with a worldwide editorial staff made up of specialists in areas from film and television to music, books, video games and more in order to make connections not only between genres, themes and moods but associations between artists, directors and more to help consumers find exactly what they’re looking for.

He  says, “It’s about being able to hit the target on the head when the mood strikes for a specific piece of content.  That is what we are engineered to design our content to do.”  The mix of filters, a recommendations engine and associations across TV and film make for a “really engaging experience that allows [consumers] to always be at the pulse of trying to find the content that fits the mood or theme that [they’re] looking for.”

Megan O’Neill