CANNES — As younger audiences increasingly turn to ad-supported CTV platforms for their content, marketers are taking notice.

For brewing firm Molson Coors, the shift to CTV is about more than just following the consumer. It’s also opening up new possibilities for branded content partnerships that go beyond traditional advertising.

“CTV is obviously beyond a new trend today. It’s now I would call the mainstream play, especially where younger consumers consume content,” says Brad Feinberg, North America VP of Media & Consumer Engagement at Molson Coors, in this video interview with CIMM MD Jon Watts for Beet.TV.

Branded Content Offers Deeper Engagement

Feinberg sees particular potential in partnering with CTV platforms to create original branded content. As these platforms look for ways to differentiate themselves with high-quality programming, they are increasingly open to working with brands to fund and develop new series.

“More and more of the CTV companies are looking for brands to help fund the actual content itself,” Feinberg says. “We can have a seat at the table all the way upfront in the development stages of that content where the output of that is something that may feature our brands or is tied to a cultural connection that we want to make to create some borrowed equity off of.

“More and more of those opportunities are becoming available.”

Traditional Ads Becoming “Obsolete”

For Feinberg, the appeal of branded content on CTV goes beyond just the opportunity to align with premium programming. He also sees it as a way to engage audiences who are increasingly resistant to traditional advertising.

“I think traditional advertising is somewhat, in many ways obsolete in a lot of spaces,” Feinberg says. “I think as consumers learn to find ways to skip ads or have availability to skip ads, they will skip ads.

“So I think it’s a CTV and content in general where we have the opportunity to embed ourselves in the stuff that people and consumers are seeking out.”

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