Addressable TV Ads Can Have Greater Resonance with Viewers: Molson Coors’s Brad Feinberg

CANNES – Advanced television is entering a new era as advertising on national broadcast networks becomes addressable, giving marketers a way to show different ads to different households during the same linear programming. Ad targeting similar to what advertisers have experienced on digital platforms is becoming possible in a medium that historically offered broad reach. […]


First-Party Data, Media Context & Ad Creative Have Key Roles in Cookie-Less Future: Molson Coors’s Brad Feinberg

Gathering data directly from consumers has become a bigger priority for marketers as they not only comply with stricter privacy laws, but also find ways to harness first-party information. Google’s plan to stop supporting tracking cookies in its popular Chrome browser and Apple’s steps to curb the sharing of device identifiers are pushing marketers to […]


‘We’ll Look for Flexibility at Ad Upfronts’: Molson Coors’ Brad Feinberg

The upfront advertising sales season this year comes amid the continued disruptions of the pandemic to people’s viewing habits and shopping behaviors. The crisis also has led to concerns about the availability of quality programming as the health crisis creates turmoil for studios and producers. “This year’s upfront is going to look different than it […]


Molson Coors Follows Audiences Down The Media ‘Rabbit Hole’: Feinberg

Where does a beer brand go to market when bars are shut and sports competitions are sidelined? In Molson Coors case, down the “rabbit hole”. That is the name the brewer gives to digital media in which audiences can bury themselves away from the pandemic reality. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the company’s North […]


Marketers Need to React in Real Time: MillerCoors’ Feinberg

ORLANDO – MillerCoors knows you tune out, and likely check your phone, during commercial breaks. As a company that relies on linear TV, and particularly live events like sports, in its advertising strategy, it’s looking to figure out how to still get in front of customers who aren’t paying attention to TV ad spots. Brad […]


Looking For ‘Moments That Matter’ To Entice Beer Drinkers: MillerCoors’ Brad Feinberg

ORLANDO – When it comes to selling beer, there is no “linear funnel” as has been standard marketing textbook fare for decades. MillerCoors has a three-pronged approach to understanding to whom, where and when to distribute its messages. “I think a lot of marketers today start with a creative brief and the idea, ‘Here’s my […]