The landscape of digital commerce and advertising is evolving rapidly, and nowhere is this more apparent than at industry events like ShopTalk.

The big retail conference is evolving as the industry sees the fusion of retail with advertising, in the shape of retail media.

In this video interview with Beet.TV at the event, Amy Lanzi, CEO of Digitas North America, shares her insights on how the event and the industry have transformed.

Evaluating Retail Media Networks: The Quest for Quality and Experience

When it comes to choosing retail media networks as partners, Lanzi stresses the need for them to “behave like more traditional media partners.”

This includes having proper standards for measurement and strong data to understand audiences.

Retail media networks, once peripheral, are now central to the conversation as they become critical partners for brands looking to monetize their interactions with consumers.

“The next area really is around the experience… the more they have experiential opportunities, the more we can break through in the category,” Lanzi adds, highlighting the importance of creative and media synergy.

Shoppable Video: Blending Entertainment with Commerce

Discussing innovative campaigns, Lanzi shares Digitas’ venture into shoppable video, a medium that combines entertainment with the ability to make purchases.

“Last holiday we created a shoppable romcom series… where you could follow along on a main character and you could also shop her list,” she says, showcasing how Digitas leveraged TikTok to engage Walmart’s customers.

Looking forward, Lanzi is convinced that shoppable branded content is not just a trend but the future of digital advertising. “The rising generation where the buying power is really wants to see it and buy it, and they want to be entertained and be able to purchase all at once,” she asserts. She thinks this expectation of seamless integration between entertainment and shopping is something brands will need to meet to stay relevant to younger audiences.

Evolution of ShopTalk

Founded in 2015, ShopTalk is bigger than ever – and evolving fast.

“When we first came, it was all about consumers and how they want to buy things digitally,” Lanzi says, reflecting on the early days of ShopTalk.

“Now, as we sit here today, it’s become much more of a mixture of ad tech… and really how retailers and brands… can actually make money while they’re making consumers happy.”

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