In the shifting sands of the advertising ecosystem, first-party data stands as a beacon of stability.

However, this data is not without its challenges, as Joshua Lowcock, President of Quad Media, asserts.

In this video interview with Beet.TV at the 12th Annual CIMM Summit, Lowcock says: “The whole landscape’s moved to addressability – and if you want to do addressability, you need data that’s resilient to changes in platform policies or regulatory changes.”

The Legitimate Right to Collect First-Party Data

Lowcock raises a critical question about the legitimacy of data collection.

“Do you have a legitimate right to collect first-party data?” he asks, noting that this issue is increasingly being challenged and questioned.

“Retail media networks have the most legitimate place to play in that area because they will have a resilient first party data stack,” Lowcock explains, because shoppers have to give retailers accurate contact details.

A Call to Action for the Advertising Industry

When asked about his wishlist for the industry, Lowcock’s answer is clear: “Act with a bit more integrity, ethics, and value.” He criticizes companies for investing heavily in data stacks and then trying to defend these acquisitions instead of adapting to changing consumer behavior and regulations.

Lowcock highlights the industry’s response to the recently passed Delete Act as an example of this resistance to change.

“The industry talks about that it wants transparency. It talks about that we listen to consumers and then the ANA and IAB and others opined against the DELETE Act because they saw it as Armageddon,” he says.