Retail Media’s Evolution Sparks New Excitement For UM’s Owen

SAN JUAN, PR – With retail media advertising growing fast, does the category deserve its own showcase? The intersection of data, technology, and retail media is creating a bustling marketplace that has industry experts like Amie Owen, Global Chief Commerce Officer at UM Worldwide, both intrigued and eager. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Owen […]


‘Total Commerce’ Needs A Shared Language: UM Worldwide’s Owen

MARCO ISLAND, FL — In an era where digital storefronts are just a click away, the lines between media and commerce are blurring. As consumers lounge in their living rooms, their favorite shows may soon double as the latest shopping platform. “Imagine you’re watching a TV show and someone was wearing a red dress and you […]


Retail Media Is About More Than Retail: UM’s Owen

SANTA MONICA, CA — Retail media continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of advertising, as more ecommerce operators light up their digital shelves as ad inventory. But retail media can serve more than just retail, according to one agency specialist in the space. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Amie Owen, US Head […]


Fight For Your Right To Collect First-Party Data: Quad Media’s Lowcock Calls For Integrity

In the shifting sands of the advertising ecosystem, first-party data stands as a beacon of stability. However, this data is not without its challenges, as Joshua Lowcock, President of Quad Media, asserts. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the 12th Annual CIMM Summit, Lowcock says: “The whole landscape’s moved to addressability – and if […]


In Identity Crisis, Go Agnostic & Rediscover Content UM’s Lowcock

With software makers clamping down on use of device identifiers for advertising purposes, it seems like the fabric of digital advertising is being torn up, leaving ad agencies scrabbling to cook up alternative routes to audiences. For one agency digital chief, what comes after identity comprises three approaches: An “agnostic” approach to alternative solutions. Embracing […]


“News Is Brand-Safe:” UM Worldwide’s Lowcock

In the era of social distancing, avoidance may be the order of the day. But that shouldn’t be the case when it comes to advertising against news. Interpublic’s UM Worldwide has become the latest agency in a procession of industry players to counsel advertisers against blacklisting news publishers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this video […]


Finding OTT’s Ad Value Amid The SVOD Boom: UM Worldwide’s Stimmel

Subscription video-on-demand services are booming, as a new generation of viewer decides the combination of at-your-service TV without commercial breaks is worth paying for. That growth, coupled with networks’ reduction in linear ad times, seems to put advertisers in a tricky fix – if the size of the ad hole is diminishing, where do ad […]


SVOD Growth is Driving Brands To News Sites: UM Worldwide’s Content Chief Gaul

The growth in subscription, ad-free media services like Netflix is forcing brands to look at alternative messaging formats in a land where, once, they enjoyed ad space between content. News has become an increasingly attractive environment. That is according to one agency content chief who helps the brands find the best way to meet their […]


Relevance Beats Personalization: UM Worldwide’s Stoller

COLOGNE — This was the year that a Mindshare division launched an initiative to personalize advertisements – but also when Google removed personalized ads from within Gmail. The promise of personalized ads has rumbled on for a long time. But the work involved, and even the ethics, are still playing out for many. UM Worldwide’s […]


Consumers Don’t Want Dysfunction In Their Tech Choices: UM’s Richardson

A world without friction or seams probably won’t ever happen, even though consumers seek it constantly. In the meantime, marketers need to focus on the technologies that are showing signs of progress, whether it’s with augmented/virtual reality, artificial intelligence or eyeglass video. “I think one of the challenges that we’ve still got with that technology […]