Fight For Your Right To Collect First-Party Data: Quad Media’s Lowcock Calls For Integrity

In the shifting sands of the advertising ecosystem, first-party data stands as a beacon of stability. However, this data is not without its challenges, as Joshua Lowcock, President of Quad Media, asserts. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the 12th Annual CIMM Summit, Lowcock says: “The whole landscape’s moved to addressability – and if […]


High-Quality Content Makes Advertising More Effective: UM Worldwide’s Joshua Lowcock

CANNES – Marketers want their advertising to appear amid high-quality content that improves the likelihood that consumers will see it and consider buying different products and services. These contextual ads are regaining significance as marketers confront the loss of signals from device IDs and tracking cookies that help with online targeting. “We’ve got to be […]


In Identity Crisis, Go Agnostic & Rediscover Content UM’s Lowcock

With software makers clamping down on use of device identifiers for advertising purposes, it seems like the fabric of digital advertising is being torn up, leaving ad agencies scrabbling to cook up alternative routes to audiences. For one agency digital chief, what comes after identity comprises three approaches: An “agnostic” approach to alternative solutions. Embracing […]


AI Improves Contextual Targeting for Brands: UM Worldwide’s Joshua Lowcock

Technology companies including Apple and Google are giving people more ways to protect their online privacy, limiting the availability of consumer data that help advertisers reach target audiences. Contextual ad placements within quality content are making a comeback. “Contextual advertising feels a lot like ‘back to the future’ in the sense that we have been […]


“News Is Brand-Safe:” UM Worldwide’s Lowcock

In the era of social distancing, avoidance may be the order of the day. But that shouldn’t be the case when it comes to advertising against news. Interpublic’s UM Worldwide has become the latest agency in a procession of industry players to counsel advertisers against blacklisting news publishers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this video […]