How To Solve Programmatic Ads’ $20 Billion Transparency Problem

Three years after a UK study found alarming lack of transparency in the programmatic ad supply-chain, it seems the problem is still rife in many quarters. While a second UK study this year showed “a big step forward” in the proportion of ad spend that actually makes it through to publishers, a US study this […]


A GPS For Media: Comscore’s Ruthruff Believes In Measurement ‘Triangulation’

The media industry is riding a wave of innovation, and Comscore believes the best approach to combine it all. Although traditional measurement providers are coming under scrutiny in the multi-screen, cross-device era, Senior VP of TV & Cross-Platform Analytics, Joe Ruthruff, says layering the best data sources the way ahead. Beet.TV spoke to him at […]


‘There’s Momentum Toward Alternative Currencies’: GroupM’s Bharad Ramesh

NEW YORK – Each upfront sales season for television advertising in the past few years has brought more ways to set the value of media transactions, or what are known as currencies. These developments are changing the way that marketers and media agencies are spending billions of dollars. “There is momentum towards the alternate currencies,” […]


Great Programming Is Its Own Destination for Viewers: CBS’s Radha Subramanyam

NEW YORK – The popularity of smart TVs and other connected devices has given consumers multiple ways to access their favorite programming, whether it’s live sports and news or scripted series. For broadcasters such as CBS, the fragmentation of the marketplace has led them to adopt their methods of distribution. “We’re about making the biggest, […]


Blurred Lines:’s Schwartzapfel Sees Currency & Measurement Metrics Coming Together

In the last couple of years, the TV ad industry has been noting, kicking the tyres of and, ultimately, adopting non-traditional measurement and trading systems. By and large, they purport to do a better job of quantifying and facilitating transactions for ads across multiple screens. is a major vendor in the space, with a […]


Ad Analyst Wieser Sees Digital Questions On The Corner Of Madison And Wall

What lies at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Wall Street? As someone once described as “Madison Avenue’s de facto chief economist”, Brian Wieser has brought incisive analysis to the evolving advertising business. As senior research analyst for Pivotal Research Group, Wieser carved a niche with sharp commentary on major media stocks, before going in-house […] Gives Our Advertisers More Flexibility with Media Plans: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

Paramount Global this month picked as a currency option for linear and streaming TV in the United States. Trading on the media-measurement company’s data are expected to begin in the first quarter, the companies announced. The addition of gives marketers and media buyers more ways to help set the value of advertising transactions. […]


Fight For Your Right To Collect First-Party Data: Quad Media’s Lowcock Calls For Integrity

In the shifting sands of the advertising ecosystem, first-party data stands as a beacon of stability. However, this data is not without its challenges, as Joshua Lowcock, President of Quad Media, asserts. In this video interview with Beet.TV at the 12th Annual CIMM Summit, Lowcock says: “The whole landscape’s moved to addressability – and if […]


Multicultural Media Demands Better Segments & Measurement: Sabio’s Stimmel On Mediahub Partnership

The advertising industry is falling short in the effective measurement and allocation of ad impressions towards multicultural audiences. That is the view of one company which just made a partnership to tackle the problem. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jon Stimmel, Chief Growth Officer at Sabio, highlights the need for a more nuanced understanding […]


Dentsu, IRIS.TV Partnership Enables Contextual CTV Ads At Massive Scale: IRIS.TV CEO Garthwaite

The ability to deeply interrogate video content is giving advertisers the ability to precisely target content segments, and ad agencies are warming-up to the idea. In September, dentsu announced a new solution, Contextual Intelligence (CI) for Connected Television (CTV), a cookie-less solution using video-level keyword targeting to help advertisers understand where there CTV ads would […]


Data, Data Everywhere: CIMM’s Watts Sees An Industry Transitioning Through Innovation

On October 10 and 11, the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) gathered speakers and guests at Warner Bros. Discovery’s New York HQ to discuss the future of media. Summing-up CIMM Summit, Jon Watts, Managing Director, CIMM, tells Beet.TV the event discussed three key themes: Measurement Activation Innovation A Transition in Measurement and Currency “(We […]


Musk Is ‘Undermining Everything’ X CEO Linda Yaccarino Does: Veteran Marketer Lou Paskalis

Elon Musk is sabotaging Linda Yaccarino after hiring the former head of advertising at NBCUniversal Media to run social-media platform X. Despite her efforts, Musk is “undermining her in virtually everything she does.” That’s the message from Lou Paskalis, a longtime marketing executive who is chief strategy officer for Ad Fontes Media, in this interview […]