Marketers Are Using Data Clean Rooms in More Advanced Ways: OMD’s Sébastian Hernoux

NEW YORK – Data clean rooms offer a way for businesses to match up their data without sharing the information or intermingling it. As marketers seek to harness consumer data while also protecting people’s privacy, clean rooms are finding more applications. “We are slowly moving into the world of more advanced use cases and multi-party […]


Habu’s Jon Suarez-Davis – Technology Isn’t Holding up Data Collaboration – It’s People

For a long time, the ad industry was playing catch up on data and technology. Today, according to Jon Suarez-Davis, Strategic Advisor for Habu, that’s no longer the case, as the technology for most sophisticated forms of collaboration and execution is in place. What’s holding up adoption, if anything, is people,  as well as the […]


Lou Paskalis: When it Comes to Ad Targeting, It’s Time to Rebuild

Digital ad targeting isn’t just going through change. It may be ceasing to exist as the we’ve has long known it. That, to Lou Paskalis CEO and Founder of AJL Advisory, is a a good thing, For too long, privacy and targeting have been at odds. In fact, according to Paskalis, the work targeting is […]


Busting Clean Room Myths With Habu’s Matt Kilmartin

They are gaining traction as a way for brands and publishers to layer their respective datasets in order to improve audience targeting or generate insights. But clean rooms don’t necessarily depend on first-party data, and don’t have to be used for targeting. That’s according to the co-founder and CEO of one clean room vendor, Habu. […]


Clean Rooms Are Worth It For L’Oréal

L’Oréal, a cosmetics giant with a diverse range of consumer and non-consumer brands, has already begun leveraging clean room technology to gain deeper insights into consumer behavior. Now the company is ready to use the tools to buy next year’s TV ads. In this video interview with Mike Shields for Beet.TV, Shenan Reed, SVP, Head […]