It may not operate directly in the retail space – but that doesn’t mean Google doesn’t have a role to play in retail media.

In fact, the company has already unleashed its extensive ad-tech offering in support of retail media operators.

In this video interview with industry analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Shawn McGahee, Head of Retail Media at Google, emphasizes the company’s efforts.

Connecting the digital shelf

McGahee says: “We’re really trying to connect the digital shelf, the great assets that retailers have to the great scale that Google has so that we can really deliver for their manufacturers and for the retailer.”

By leveraging Google’s extensive user base and top platforms like YouTube, they aim to extend the reach of retailers’ assets.

Discussing Google’s role, McGahee explains: “From a media standpoint, we’re helping extend the reach. And so we’re focused on, searching YouTube as that reach extension.” He also shares that Google helps retail networks manage their onsite and offsite strategies with tools like Google Ad Manager, SA 360, and DV 360.

Underlining the importance of measurement in retail media, McGahee says, “measurement is the name of the game in retail media. And so we’re leveraging Google Cloud analytics and also campaign manager to help the networks close the loop and provide that full view back to the manufacturers.”

EMarketer expects on-site ads will comprise the lion’s share of retail media spending for the foreseeable future.

But it also predicts: “In 2023, advertisers will spend almost $30 billion on retail media search ads. By 2027, that figure will be more than double, rising to $63.20 billion.”

Google is actively courting retailers with a guide to “building a retail media business with Google”

Roundel and Albertson’s Media Collective

As a testament to Google’s efforts, McGahee cites successful partnerships with Roundel and Albertson’s Media Collective. About Roundel, he says, “they’ve been seeing a 20% increase in conversions when they have a combination of offsite search with Google and onsite sponsored product ads.”

Furthermore, Roundel recently announced a partnership with YouTube to reach target audiences.

Regarding Albertson’s Media Collective, McGahee highlights their localized focus, saying, “they need a partner that can make hundreds of different permutations so that it can be very local and specific to the market set they’re in.” He mentions that they use Google Ad Manager for onsite strategies and DV 360 for executing at scale.

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