Ad-Market Power Is Shifting With Control of Consumer Data: LUMA’s Conor McKenna

LAS VEGAS – Retailers have emerged as significant players in the advertising market as brands seek to reach consumers not only when they’re most ready to shop, but also because retailers have troves of first-party data that provide insights into people’s shopping habits. The data are a valuable resource that gives retailers greater power in […]


Retail Media and CTV Deliver Full-Funnel Results for Brands: Roku’s Sarah Monahan

LAS VEGAS – Retailers are providing more ways for brands to reach consumers as they shop, helping to measure how their advertising drives sales. Streaming media company Roku has sought to provide more accountability to advertisers on connected television in its collaborations with retailers such as Best Buy. “We started to broker a lot of […]


Retail Media Networks Should Not Mark Their Own Homework: GfK’s Bhaumik

In the new era of retail media networks, ecommerce operators have become a fast-growing new category of ad inventory for brands. But who should those brands trust when it comes to measuring effectiveness? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ishan Bhaumik, Global Vice President, GfK, says, just as in other media categories, advertisers shouldn’t leave […]


How Google Is Supporting Retail Media

It may not operate directly in the retail space – but that doesn’t mean Google doesn’t have a role to play in retail media. In fact, the company has already unleashed its extensive ad-tech offering in support of retail media operators. In this video interview with industry analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Shawn McGahee, Head […]


Retail Media Is Going Omni-Channel: Criteo’s Gleason

It may have been kickstarted by ecommerce operators capitalizing on digital shelf space – but the “retail media” boom isn’t staying confined to the consumer screen. Next-up, retailers are making use of in-store ad opportunities – and that means many of them will want to link up the physical and digital journey. In this video […]


Retailer’s Best Friend? Pinterest Aims To Rekindle The Joy Of Shopping In The Digital Bazaar

Scrolling through the SKUs on a screen may not fire the same pleasure receptors as browsing through the rails, the shelves and the malls. But the prosaic modality of ecommerce doesn’t have to win out. In this video interview with industry analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Carrie Sweeney, Industry Lead for Retail at Pinterest, describes […]


‘Stores Are the Next Major Media Channel’: Insider Intelligence’s Andrew Lipsman

LAS VEGAS – Retailers have built a multibillion-dollar business selling online advertising to brands that want to reach consumers when they’re most ready to shop. There’s a bigger opportunity for retailers and marketers to collaborate on in-store advertising, according to one analyst. “Stores, I think, are the next major media channel,” Andrew Lipsman, principal analyst […]


Ride-Sharing and Retail Media Networks Can Work Together: Lyft’s Kenan Saleh

LAS VEGAS – Ride-share companies have helped to reinvent how people think about transportation, and they’re now working with marketers to transform the experience. Lyft Media, the advertising sales unit of the ride-hailing company, has developed a variety of ad formats to help get brands reach consumers as they book and take a ride. “We […]


Retail Media Networks Are Gaining More Sophisticated Data Tools: Reprise Digital’s Margaritis

LAS VEGAS – Retailers are seeing strong growth in sales of online advertising, and they’re adopting data tools to help demonstrate the interplay between ecommerce and brick-and-mortar sales channels. “The retailers are trying to find better ways to connect what’s happening digitally online with what’s happening in stores,” J. William Margaritis, senior vice president of […]


Retail Media Go Beyond Revenue, To Customer Connection: Criteo’s Smith

LAS VEGAS – One after the other, more digital retailers in the last couple of years have begun turning their virtual shelf space into ad inventory. But the retail media wave doesn’t have to all be about digital ecommerce. In this video interview with industry analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Sherry Smith, GM, Global Enterprise, […]


Measurement Is Key to Retail Media Growth: Publicis’s Allysun Lundy

LAS VEGAS – Social media and internet search derive much of their advertising power from what is known as last-click attribution, giving marketers an idea of which platforms helped to compel a transaction. Retailers that sell digital advertising are developing similar capabilities, and media buyers want metrics to affirm them. “Measurement is definitely one of […]


Challenger Brands Can Thrive In Retail Media Landscape: Shipt’s Jagdeep Wadhwani

When you think of “retail media”, it would be tempting to picture the big companies. Amazon, Target, Walmart, Boots and others are amongst the major retailers to have turned their virtual shelf space into ad inventory, while big brands from the major suppliers are often amongst the ones doing the deals. But, in this video […]


Omnichannel Retail Possibilities Sparkle For Jewlery Television

In its thirtieth year after launching a TV shopping channel, one of America’s largest non-bridal jewelry companies has grown into an omnichannel retailer which is also targeting consumers across digital media. Jewelry TV (jtv) has already been tracking its impact from its own channel footprint. Now, thanks to working with companies like Criteo, it is […]


What’s Next In Retail Media: Criteo’s Kulik

Amazon’s ad sales may have grown 19% annually to $11.6 billion for Q4 alone – but “retail media” isn’t just about the big retailers anymore. A growing number of retailers are converting their shelf space – whether digital or physical – into ad inventory. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Katie Kulik, Executive Managing Director, […]


Retail Media Is More Than Just Digital: Brandcrush’s Aprile After Criteo Acquisition

“Retail media”, the ecommerce spaces which are now also selling ad inventory, are booming in popularity, in part, because that inventory is so close to the bottom of the marketing funnel, the check-out. But this emerging category of media doesn’t have to just be about retail, says one marketer who founded a company to help […]


Retail Media Networks Are Poised to Grow with Upgraded Metrics, Data Tools: Joanna O’Connell

LAS VEGAS – Online retailers such as Amazon and traditional store chains such as Walmart have built billion-dollar businesses in selling different kinds of advertising on their websites. In order for the retail media marketplace to grow and possibly overtake televised media – not including streaming or connected television (CTV) – advertisers will need more […]