LONDON, UK — The great thing about connected TV ads is being able to target the right kind of viewing household.

The flip side of that is, in a fragmented media ecology, the risk of over-exposing viewers to the same ad across multiple devices.

Robert Coon, chief revenue officer, Samba TV, believes new software can stop that threat.

Programmatic solution

“We’re seeing more and more advertisers moving into a programmatic environment, mostly because they want to manage their reach and frequency across multiple inventory sources,” Coon told Beet.TV at The Future of TV Advertising Global forum, filmed in London, December 2022.

“We’re using everything we know about our TV viewers, about the TV data that we collect, to provide that experience to customers and advertisers in the programmatic environment like DSPs.

“We recognise just how important it is to maximise your efficiency through maximising reach, minimising or optimising your frequency – not only with publishers, but also in a programmatic role.”

Samba’s steps

San Francisco-based Samba was set up to help advertisers and broadcasters know, with certainty, which TV shows viewers were watching, for how long and how attentive they were.

Launched in 2008 and backed by investors including Mark Cuban, the outfit works by having software embedded on millions of viewing devices via app makers which bundle Samba’s recommendation features.

Its dataset is collected from millions of global TV devices.

In November 2022, the company acquired Disruptel, an AI startup.

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