Convergence Without Collision: Simulmedia’s Morgan Bets Netflix Ad Sales Will Reach $2 Billion

LONDON, UK — If anyone was in any doubt that Netflix’s ad-supported tier had finally arrived, they just had to attend The Future of TV Advertising Global forum,  in London, December 2022. There, Netflix’s president of worldwide advertising Jeremi Gorman introduced the scheme to ad buyers. In attendance, Dave Morgan, Founder & CEO, Simulmedia, liked […]


Programmatic Can Stop CTV Over-Reach: Samba TV’s Coon

LONDON, UK — The great thing about connected TV ads is being able to target the right kind of viewing household. The flip side of that is, in a fragmented media ecology, the risk of over-exposing viewers to the same ad across multiple devices. Robert Coon, chief revenue officer, Samba TV, believes new software can […]


Software Can Sooth Complexity In Modern TV Ads: Realytics

LONDON, UK — For viewers, viewing quality TV has never been more effortless. For advertisers, reaching them is becoming hard. But, just as technology has unleashed fragmentation, Guillaume Belmas of Realytics believes it can also become the solution. Real deal “We have now a lot of different services streaming, et cetera – so that makes the decision […]


The Joys Of TV Complexity: CBS’ Subramanyam

LONDON, UK — In a world of new streaming TV services and video apps, typical executive grumbles pertain to “fragmentation”, “complexity” and the difficulty of understanding viewer behavior. But what if there were a glass-half-full way of looking at the struggle to understand viewers’ cross-screen media behavior. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Radha Subramanyam, […]


RTL AdAlliance Rolling Up ‘Total Video’ Services

LONDON, UK — It was already a significant European TV player, now RTL Group’s advanced advertising division is building out an array of streaming TV viewing and measurement services. RTL AdAlliance this year made structural changes designed to boost that capability. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Stéphane Coruble, CEO, RTL AdAlliance, explains how the […]


How Reading Viewers’ Faces Can ‘Calibrate’ TV Measurement Data

LONDON, UK — In the new TV landscape, measurement companies want to know who is watching a show and at which moments. In the near future, facial recognition technology on TV sets could help them do just that. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Yan Liu, CEO & Co-Founder, TVision, explains why this data will […]