If you want to go across platforms, you need to go full-stack.

That is the message from one seasoned ad-tech exec, as he joins a new company to grant ad buyers’ multi-platform wish.

After stints with Simulmedia, Innovid and, most recently, QTT, John Piccone just joined ad-tech software supplier Adform as regional president, Americas.

Platform breadth

Adform’s product offering now spans two customer segments.

Advertisers & Agencies:

  • Adform FLOW
  • Ad Server
  • Demand Side Platform
  • Data Management Platform
  • Identity (ID Fusion)


  • Integrated Advertising Platform for Publishers
  • Programmatic Publisher Ad Server
  • Supply Side Platform
  • Data Management Platform
  • Identity (ID Fusion)

No bat, no baseball

Piccone says breadth is important for ad buyers and their agencies.

“The core is going to be having an engagement with the consumer that they can actually optimise against cross device,” he says.

“You actually need a delivery engine that can think through what’s the best place to put things across devices.

“Without an ad server, it’s kinda like playing baseball without a bat.”

First principles

Piccone says his mission at Adform will be to put ad buyers “in control of their media activation”.

He says the company is “agnostic”, not dropping IDs on consumers engaging with an ad platform.

“We’re putting the IDs int he principal’s hands and they can bring any third-party data system,” he says.