Simulmedia’s Piccone Uses OTT To Grow Big Brands’ Reach

Is live or on-demand TV a bigger opportunity for advanced ad targeting technology? A growing number of companies is choosing both, rather than either. Case in point – Simulmedia, which had, until now, majored on lighting up advertiser access to linear TV spots using data techniques, is now adding over-the-top TV ad inventory to its offering. Through […]


TV’s Not Dead, We Can Prove Its Worth: Simulmedia’s Piccone

It’s now a digital advertising world – but that is far from meaning good ‘ol TV is on the shelf, overtaken, when it comes to measuring the relative performance of media spend, says an ad tech exec. “With the whole mantra that ‘television is dead’, actually, what we’re seeing is that it’s very alive and […]


TV Ad Targeter Simulmedia Aims to Connect Data to Business Outcomes

LOS ANGELES — As marketers pore over new uses for data, media marketing firm Simulmedia wants to use the data it has access to as a way to better connect reach and frequency metrics to business outcomes, says John Piccone, VP Sales at Simulmedia, a media marketing company, during an interview with Beet.TV at the 4A’s […]