Retail Media Can Go Off-Site: PubMatic’s Goel

In the new “merchant media” wave, ecommerce operators are discovering they can turn their store sites into vehicles that capture audience data for ad targeting. But Amar Goel thinks they can go further. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Goel, Founder & Chairman, PubMatic, says visitors to ecommerce sites can be snared from publisher sites. Publisher […]


Commerce Media Close the Loop Between Ads and Direct Sales: LUMA’s Conor McKenna

A growing variety of ecommerce sites are selling digital advertising, giving brands a chance to reach consumers as they research what they want to buy – and follow through with a purchase. “This really started in the retail media side of things … Amazon and other big players. They had tons of digital consumers coming […]


Next Step For Multi-ID Targeting Is Retail Media Networks: Tapad’s Connon

The wind-down of traditional digital ad identifiers like cookies has caused the ad targeting world to splinter. Mark Connon wants to put it back together. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the GM of ad-tech firm Tapad says the new wave of ad identifiers needs a translation layer. Experian taps Tapad Experian in November 2020 acquired Tapad, […]


Audio Ads Now Reach All Parts of Purchase Funnel: Audacy’s Tim Murphy

Radio throughout its history has provided a way for brands to reach a mass audience efficiently in their awareness campaigns. With the growth of streaming audio and on-demand programming like podcasts, marketers can engage listeners with ads that drive transactions. In that way, audio formats now reach all parts of the consumer purchase funnel. “Ad-supported […]


Commerce Media Will Expand Beyond Retailers: Criteo’s Megan Clarken

Online marketplaces like Amazon and retailers like Walmart are selling advertising space on their websites, parlaying their mass-market scope and deep troves of consumer data into targeted reach at scale. However, they’re not the only companies that can sell advertising. Travel sites, auto parts retailers, home-delivery services and smaller retailers also have an opportunity to […]


How DCO Drives ROI: Clinch’s Etzioni On Creative Optimization

It has become a cliché that advertising is about getting “the right ad to the right person at the right time”. But, if any technology can achieve that, it is dynamic creative optimization (DCO), the process of constructing a multitude of different ad creatives from raw component parts for distinct individuals. In this video interview […]


TV Metrics Have Reached Cross-Platform Turning Point: NBCU’s Kelly Abcarian

The dramatic shifts in people’s media consumption habits from linear television to streaming have led advertisers to demand more accurate viewership metrics. Comcast’s NBCUniversal has worked to provide marketers with that information, most recently in a “test-and-learn” project that included 66 advertisers. “For the first time, we’re able to actually get an understanding of true […]


Piccone’s Progress: Cross-Platform Means Full-Stack

If you want to go across platforms, you need to go full-stack. That is the message from one seasoned ad-tech exec, as he joins a new company to grant ad buyers’ multi-platform wish. After stints with Simulmedia, Innovid and, most recently, QTT, John Piccone just joined ad-tech software supplier Adform as regional president, Americas. Platform […]


TVSquared’s Kinsella Aims To Unify TV With Innovid’s Support

More than a quarter after a newly-public Innovid acquired TVSquared for $160 million, the companies are busy aligning their tech to offer customers a best-of-both play. TVSquared helps brands learn how TV advertising is driving traffic to their websites. In this video interview with Beet.TV, company president Jo Kinsella, who also took on leadership of […]


How GroupM’s McDonald Is Re-Shaping The Agency In A ‘Talent Crisis’

In the fast-changing world of communications, media agencies routinely have to reconfigure themselves for new demands and to re-settle their earlier growth initiatives. In its latest such exercise, WPP’s GroupM has just undergone a multi-layered reorganization. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kirk McDonald, CEO, GroupM, NA, outlines how the group is changing, and how […]


LUMA’s Kawaja Sees Media’s Perfect Storm Continue Despite Headwinds

With the global situation and inflation hitting the economy, what is the outlook for the digital media business? Resilient with a pinch of evolution, according to one of the industry’s most looked-to joiner of dots. In this video interview with Beet.TV during his own Digital Media Summit (DMS) East this week, Terry Kawaja, Founder & […]