It has become a cliché that advertising is about getting “the right ad to the right person at the right time”.

But, if any technology can achieve that, it is dynamic creative optimization (DCO), the process of constructing a multitude of different ad creatives from raw component parts for distinct individuals.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Oz Etzioni, CEO & Co-Founder, Clinch, a company enabling DCO, explains how it can improve performance.

Performance boost

Etzioni says DCO boost campaign performance.

“Sometimes it’s 20x,” he says. “Sometimes it could be around 65% to 70% decrease in your CPAs.

“The outcome, performance and the numbers are there – you get your ROI.

“The importance of DCO now is even greater because it allows efficiency in workflow automation on the process to the outcome.”

Pandemic dynamic

DCO creates personalized ads based on data about viewres at the moment of ad serving.

Because of that customization, DCO ads often perform better.

“DCO right before the pandemic, and during the pandemic actually, exploded,” Etzioni adds. “Why is that? Because the complexity is becoming too much – too many channels, too many audiences, too many activations… there’s too much stuff to do in order to actually make sure that you address the consumer journey.

“Consumers, we expect the brands to be everywhere. DCO solves a lot of that for the brands and their agencies.”

Clinch and LG Ads Solutions Bring Data-Driven Creative to the Big Screen

A broader footprint

Etzioni’s Clinch aims to facilitate DCO in three ways:

  1. Self-service enablement.
  2. Hybrid self-service with assistance on the activation.
  3. Fully-managed service.

Clinch launched its self-service platform Flight Control back in February.

The company was recently tapped by LG Ads Solutions to enable DCO across the TV maker’s smart TV footprint.

Clinch Launches Flight Control