The Beet Retreat this week brings together high-level executives from media companies, advertising agencies and ad-tech disruptors that are shaping the television and digital marketplace.

In this episode of the BeetCast, several Beet Retreat sponsors offer a preview of what they’ll discuss in keynote presentations and “fireside chats” during the three-day event:

  • Matt McLeggon, senior vice president of advanced solutions at advertising sell-side platform Magnite, discusses how technology is changing ad delivery to television screens.
  • Jon Stimmel, chief growth officer at CTV ad-tech company Sabio, shares his insights on advertising outcomes, attribution and performance.
  • Lisa Ciancarelli, vice president of insights and analytics at ad-tech company VideoAmp, offers her expertise on the multicurrency media landscape.

The Beet Retreat takes place at the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 16-18, and is sponsored by AppScience, Infillion, MadHive, SpringServe, Univision and VideoAmp.

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