Livestreamed shopping videos that let viewers buy products in real time are becoming more popular as the ecommerce marketplace continues to evolve. Social media companies including Twitter are developing more tools to help merchants create a shopping livestream to convert viewers into paying customers.

“Looking at the market overall, commerce on mobile is actually expected to double by the year 2025,” Sarah Personette, chief customer officer of Twitter, said in this Beet.TV discussion with Doug Rozen, chief executive of Dentsu Media – Americas. “The way that we think about it is that our shopping experience essentially allows you to watch and experience video live while also buying and browsing those products.”

Twitter recently partnered with discount chain Walmart on a live shopping pilot. It included a half-hour variety show hosted by singer Jason Derulo, and featured products that viewers could buy directly within Twitter’s app. The company will continue to push into social commerce as its development teams gather data signals from consumers, Personette said.

“Live shopping or social shopping is so new in terms of a consumer behavior today,” she said. “At the start of covid, there were so many different shopping experiences that were immediately launched and I think we have taken a more patient approach….We’re really trying to think holistically about it.”

Personette also discusses social audio, the growth in video consumption on Twitter, and how its programming strategy differs from those of media companies and other content providers.

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