DSP or SSP? Your choice of ad-tech software is dictated by your position in the marketplace.

But some people think there is much to be gained by having sight of both sides.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kenneth Suh, Chief Strategy Officer, Unruly, explains why.

Combatting confusion

Unruly is a supply-side advertising platform (SSP) acquired by Tremor International from News Corp in 2020.

But Tremor also operates a demand-side platform (DSP).

“How confusing it is nowadays to execute campaigns, both on the sales side and the buy side,” Suh says.

“Without understanding what the other side is doing or interested in, you become very inefficient with what you’re trying to accomplish within your campaign.”

Double view

“In the middle, we’re looking to provide that unique data component through a number of partnerships that we have in market,” Suh continues. “We’re looking to enhance the gap there, not just bridge the gap, but also enhance that.”

In October, Tremor signed a deal to exclusively leverage ACR data from VIDAA, TV operating system running on most Hisense TVs and some others including Toshiba’s, totaling 20 million smart TVs.

That means ad buyers can utilize the data through Unruly’s SSP whilst publishers can offer it through their use of the Tremor Video DSP (demand-side platform).

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