Best Of Both: Why Unruly Thinks Advertisers Should See Supply And Demand

DSP or SSP? Your choice of ad-tech software is dictated by your position in the marketplace. But some people think there is much to be gained by having sight of both sides. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kenneth Suh, Chief Strategy Officer, Unruly, explains why. Combatting confusion Unruly is a supply-side advertising platform (SSP) acquired by […]


CTV Starts With QR:’s Maestre On The Creative Optimization Spectrum

When it comes to the new ad opportunities presented by connected TV, the execution types are broad. But companies that want to make a splash on the new screen can start with one simple addition. That is according to one woman whose team is helping brands convert their ad creatives for CTV. Cracking the code […]


Full, FAST & Local: Entertainment Studios’ Quandt Targets 2022 CTV Growth

Over the last couple of years of connected TV growth, local marketers and publishers have not exactly been the biggest beneficiaries. Jeff Quandt wants to change all that. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Quandt, Vice President, Revenue Partnerships at Entertainment Studios, says 2022 is going to see an ad sales jump for CTV – […]


All-In On Programmatic, Philo’s Quest For TV Tags: Barker

In the new era of ad targeting, the context of contextual matters. That is to say, contextual targeting can succeed or fail depending on who is tagging the content. To get the most accuracy possible when making its shows available to buyers, US streaming TV service Philo is turning to what it sees as the […]


Jukin Media’s Richter Seeks CTV’s ‘Circle Of Life’

It is the little content studio that made it big through social media and connected TV. Now Jukin Media wants to keep control of its new-wave ad sales opportunity, as it scales under new ownership. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jukin Media global CTV revenue operations VP Mike Richter explains how he views the […]