Frequency-Capping of Ads Is Possible on CTV Platforms: Publica’s Ben Antier

LOS ANGELES – Viewers of streaming services that have commercial breaks are familiar with the phenomenon of seeing the same ad repeated throughout a show. Advertising technology companies are working to prevent these occurrences on connected television (CTV), giving marketers the ability to cap the frequency of their ad placements. “It’s not a difficult problem […]


Ad Serving is the Foundation of a CTV Tech Stack: Publica’s Ben Antier

The television advertising marketplace is undergoing a major shift as marketers seek to reach audiences who are watching more video on internet-connected devices. The digital transformation makes ad servers a fundamental part of the way video publishers help those marketers get seen by viewers. “For publishers, ad serving is the foundation of a tech stack. […]


Three Levels Of CTV Ad Optimization: Publica’s Antier

PALO ALTO –  Connected TV is booming, offering advertisers powers like household targeting, geo-targeting frequency-capping. But, where automated systems book the ads, there is also a risk of creative ending up in undesirable positions. That is why ad server vendors like Publica are working to introduce optimizations. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ben Antier, […]