LOS ANGELES – Advertisers, marketers and measurement companies agree on the need for a cross-media currency for buying and selling video advertising. However, they’ve been frustrated as the media landscape has grown more fragmented, and walled-garden environments hinder audience measurement.

Diana Bernstein, executive vice president and managing director of investment at Havas Media Group, is optimistic that the media and marketing industries are on the cusp of breakthroughs after prolonged discussions about metrics.

“For years we’ve been talking about where we want to be, and we have our moment in time now to get there,” she said in this interview with consultant Zach Rodgers at Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat. “It’s one of the first times you feel it happening, versus just talking about it.”

Bernstein said she wants to see more evidence that measurement solutions are providing insights on what her clientele of advertisers is buying. Those assurances will come with more testing.

“We all know where we want to be, and how we need to move the measurement, the currency. It’s now getting there. Show it to us so that we can get there,” she said. “We know there’s companies out there that can do measurement, that can do currency. We know there’re clients that are leaned-in and get us over the finish line.”

Media buyers want more transparency into walled gardens to better understand the reach and frequency of their campaigns among different media outlets. Developing a cross-platform currency will require continued cooperation among buyers and sellers.

“We’re never going to move forward unless we all put a little bit into it,” Bernstein said. “I’m hopeful that one day, when we can answer that question, the answer is: everyone gets a little credit for it.”

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