Marketers have sought to improve their audience targeting in such a way that viewers welcome advertising as much as quality content. Ad personalization vies with consumer privacy, while advancements in technology and data analysis aim to improve the customer experience.

“Technology has advanced so much that now advertising itself has become the experience,” Amy McGovern, vice president of advanced advertising solutions and addressable sales at WarnerMedia, said in this interview with Beet.TV.

Advertisers have ways to target consumers as they spend time with the biggest screen in their households.

“Addressability has allowed us to bridge that gap between linear and digital and take precision targeting to the big screen,” McGovern said. “For so long, clients were delivering messages just broadly. Now, to be able to pre-qualify audiences to specific households when they’re consuming premium content on the big screen is so incredibly effective.”

Upfront Preparations

WarnerMedia has pilot programs to provide addressable advertising at scale as marketers have wanted, but have face limitations with reach and available ad inventory. It committed to provide scale as advertisers participate in the upfront sales season.

“We’re in beta with several partners across a number of categories,” McGovern said. “We can help manage yields of our inventory, but ensure that we are delivering messages to the right audiences on a one-to-one household-level basis.”

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