‘Intellectual Property Is the New Prime Time’: WarnerMedia’s Ryan Gould

Households that have hooked up their TVs directly to the internet not only have more programming choices, but they also have more control over the viewing experience. As they stream their favorite content on demand, marketers can develop new strategies to reach audiences whose viewing isn’t limited to day parts. “Media owners today aren’t confined […]


Viewership Follows Investments in TV Programming: GroupM’s Brian Wieser

The audiences for ad-free streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ have coincided with significant investments in content. That programming includes scripted shows that generate buzz and win awards, but are expensive to produce. “We continue to think that viewing of professional video is going to roughly relate to spending on content,” Brian Wieser, global president […]


Brand Storytelling Is a Multi-Platform Effort: Wendy’s Jimmy Bennett

Wendy’s has carved out a distinct personality on social network Twitter, dishing out caustic wit along with the latest news about the burger chain’s new menu items or promotional offers. That content helped Wendy’s to become one of the most followed brands on social media, but it’s still only one part of its broader strategy […]


Advertising Rivals Content in Customer Experience: WarnerMedia’s Amy McGovern

Marketers have sought to improve their audience targeting in such a way that viewers welcome advertising as much as quality content. Ad personalization vies with consumer privacy, while advancements in technology and data analysis aim to improve the customer experience. “Technology has advanced so much that now advertising itself has become the experience,” Amy McGovern, […]


Contextual Ads Help Brands to Engage Audiences: WarnerMedia’s Evan Giamanco

As much as marketers want to reach target audiences, they also want their advertising to appear within brand-safe content that engages viewers. Contextual advertising has regained some of its former luster as audience-buying strategies face greater challenges. “Over recent years, you’ve seen a real focus on audience buying, and there has been a shift where […]


Social Commerce, Metaverses and Blockchain Are Shaping Digital Future: Publicis’s Jeremy Cohen

Technology will keep changing the way marketers tell stories about their brands as they seek to engage consumers on digital platforms. Social commerce, metaverses and blockchain systems are three trends whose importance will become more apparent throughout 2022. “Social commerce is one of these massively growing areas of both engagement and brand interest, and we’ve […]


Advertising Needs to Perform at Every Level of Purchase Funnel: PHD’s Catherine Sullivan

Brand storytelling is evolving as marketers engage consumers through a wider variety of media channels. Those engagements offer a richer set of data signals to help advertisers improve the performance of their campaigns throughout every stage of the purchase funnel. “We’ve been pushing very hard with our clients at PHD that brand and performance needs […]


TV Must Leap Into Metaverse’s The Fifth Paradigm: Mastercard’s Rajamannar

OTT, CTV, SVOD, FAST – whichever acronym you care to use, there’s no escaping the fact that each is just another variant for the same thing, television. For all the industry’s contortions to make the new TV ad infrastructure work, the end result – TV ads – looks an awful lot like the old world […]


Consumer Experience Drives Cross-Platform Strategies for Brands: Mindshare’s Amanda Richman

The ongoing fragmentation of the media marketplace has given brands more ways to engage with target customers among a wider variety of platforms and channels. Providing those consumers with a consistent experience among those outlets is a key priority for brands as they develop a cross-platform strategy. “We see so many marketers really taking on […]


Content and Context Work Together for Effective Advertising: OMD’s John Osborn

Brands face greater challenges in reaching consumers who are either constantly bombarded with advertising or who spend more time with ad-free streaming services like Netflix and Disney+. Amid the efforts to gain the limited attention of viewers, brand storytelling has significant value. “We have to earn the respect and the intention and the engagement and […]


MAGNA’s Benowitz Seeks A Single Currency Amid 2022 Video Growth

It is going to be a year of advertising growth and ad currency proliferation. But, for simplicity’s sake, Dani Benowitz hopes the latter ends up contracting. At the end of the year, MAGNA published its 2022 forecast for advertising spend, expecting 13% US growth. In this video interview with Beet.TV, US president Benowitz explains the dynamics […]


Advertising ‘Nirvana’ Marries Creative with Targeting: Dentsu’s Brad Stockton

Marketers find the most success in their advertising campaigns when their messaging is combined with the effective audience targeting. “It’s that perfect merging of art and science, and being able to put together the right creative that’s going to resonate with the audiences,” Brad Stockton, senior vice president of U.S. national video innovation at Dentsu […]


TV Ad Metrics Have More Room to Branch Out: Horizon Media’s Alex Stone

The shift in television viewer habits during the pandemic has pushed advertisers to look for ways to measure audiences more accurately. The demand for demographic metrics that reflect consumer behavior has grown, especially after TV ratings stalwart Nielsen asked the Media Rating Council to temporarily halt the accreditation process in August. “From a demo measurement […]


Gamified NFTs Deepen Engagement With Sports Fans: Turner Sports’ Yang Adija

Blockchain technology not only is at the heart of cryptocurrencies, but it also supports the burgeoning field of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), the authenticated digital assets that can be bought and sold like other forms of property. While NFTs have been mostly associated with digital art, they also have applications in sports marketing. Turner Sports, a […]


Break The TV Mould: Horizon’s Koenigsberg Wants To Rip Up The Rules

At the start of a new year, some in the industry are coming back to work looking for a shake-up. Bill Koenigsberg is one of them. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the CEO of independent media agency Horizon Media says he wants the TV industry to re-think the whole way the medium works. Radically […]


WarnerMedia Picks iSpot.TV, VideoAmp, Comscore For Cross-Screen TV Measurement

Amid a tumultuous period in which its owner AT&T agreed to spin it out into a merger with Discovery, WarnerMedia has set itself up to count its audiences across platforms, by announcing the winners of a beauty contest. WarnerMedia has picked Comscore, iSpot.TV and VideoAmp from a field of up to around a dozen hopefuls […]