Marketers face growing challenges in reaching target consumers as privacy laws give them more control over their personal information. Amid the gradual disappreance of online tracking cookies, advertisers need scalable technologies to manage data that consumers consent to share while also protecting their privacy.

Data clean rooms that allow advertisers and media outlets to match their consumer data without directly sharing it with each other work better when they’re compatible with customer data platforms (CDPs).

“In terms of being able to allow the data to be interoperable, you’re going to need to have to work with multiple data clean rooms,” Nancy Marzouk, founder and chief executive of data technology company MediaWallah, said in this interview with Beet.TV for CES 2022. “Depending on how much time and effort companies use to verify their consented data will potentially lead to fragmentation.”

Consumer data are more valuable when they are scrubbed to get rid of fake identities or other inconsistencies. Clean data are a fundamental part of matching lists of consumers from different sources, including advertisers, publishers and third parties.

Clean Data Have Greater Value

“There are going to need to be standards in terms of how people make their data usable,” Marzouk said. “There are other third parties I can use and engage with to verify that the user information that’s being inputted is correct and accurate. ‘’ is not a legitimate email address.”

The technology exists to improve identity resolution for media buyers and sellers, she said, adding that there needs to be a broader willingness to adopt those solutions. There are encouraging signs that major brands are developing systems to hone their target marketing.

“I’m really hoping that the next wave of innovation will happen at the advertiser level,” Marzouk said. “That’s something that hasn’t happened to date, and will be very indicative of the future state of the business. The people who have the dollars are the ones to influence change.”

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