CTV Advertising Needs Better Pricing for Brands: OMD’s Kelly Metz

LAS VEGAS – Millions of households have connected their televisions directly to the internet to expand their choices of programming among a variety of apps, including many advertising-supported ones that are free to watch. Brands want to reach these audiences, but they face some impediments with CTV advertising. “The reason why we’re not moving fast […]


Ad Demand Is Soft While Streaming Inventory Grows: OMD’s Kelly Metz

SANTA MONICA, CA – The U.S. advertising market is showing signs of recovering from a pullback in media spending, but the marketplace is undergoing a secular shift as marketers shift television budgets into streaming. “It’s a very soft marketplace, and there is an influx of inventory in streaming,” Kelly Metz, chief investment officer at Omnicom […]


Buyer’s Market for TV Ads Comes With Shift to Streaming: Omnicom’s Kelly Metz

CANNES – The media marketplace is filled with chatter about the economic outlook and its negative effect on demand for advertising. Amid this environment, brands are shifting some of their ad budgets from linear television to streaming. “We’ve heard lots of things like the market is soft, it’s a buyer’s market,” Kelly Metz, managing director […]


Content Ratings Must Be Key Part of Media Measurement: Omnicom’s Kelly Metz

CANNES – Advertisers and their media agencies are keeping a close eye on the latest developments with measuring television audiences. They want metrics that accurately reflect viewership of linear and streaming platforms to help set the value of ad transactions, “currencies” in media industry parlance. “The good news for the industry is that the focus […]


Voices from the #BeetRetreat: David Levy, Dave Clark, Kelly Metz, Denise Colella, Zach Rodgers and Jon Watts

Welcome to this episode of the BeetCast podcast. We are bringing you these voices from the Beet Retreat last month in Santa Monica. Wonderful insights on what’s next for our industry. In this podcast, we are sharing these chats between David Levy, CEO OpenAP with moderator Jon Watts, and FreeWheel’s GM Dave Clark with moderator […]


‘We’re Not Planning Linear-First’ for Next Upfront: Omnicom Media Group’s Kelly Metz

LOS ANGELES – The massive shift in television viewing habits during the pandemic has led advertisers to explore ways to reach audiences through connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. As marketers prepare for the next upfront sales season, they’re more focused on finding opportunities to engage consumers through connected TV (CTV) platforms. “We’re […]


Nine Things We Learned From Our CTV Data Series presented by Sabio

In recent years, the prevalence of audience data has revolutionized the ability to target digital advertising. But now the set of capabilities and consequences produced by that data is changing shape. What will the future look like? That is what “Data: Powering CTV for Marketers,” our recent Beet.TV leadership series presented by Sabio, set out […]


Mobile, TV Data Provide Holistic Audience Insights: Omnicom Media Group’s Kelly Metz

LOS ANGELES – Marketers can harness a combination of TV viewership and mobile usage data to gain a better understanding of how to engage consumers. Those insights are crucial to developing a media plan and making adjustments as needed. “Consumers are watching TVs and engaging with their mobile phones simultaneously as they’re engaging with our […]


During Turmoil, Out-Spend Your Rivals: VideoAmp’s Metz

US digital ad spend will slow from a previously-projected 17% growth this year to just 1.7%, as brands tighten their purse strings amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to eMarketer. But some executives think bold spending at a time when rivals are cutting back could help some brands emerge out of this period in the lead. […]