The media marketplace has grown more fragmented with the proliferation of streaming platforms, but marketers need to focus on the idea that they’re still working to reach the households.

“The overall nature of streaming television has accelerated faster than we all expected,” Vinny Rinaldi, head of investment and activation at GroupM’s Wavemaker, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “A lot of that was due to the pandemic, but it’s given us an opportunity to re-think what our overall investment strategy needs to be.”

Instead of looking at streaming platforms as a supplement to linear TV, he recommends taking a more holistic approach to engaging with consumers. He cites research from Roku, the maker of streaming video devices, that indicate 30% of the 120 million households in the United States aren’t reachable through traditional linear TV

“We’re really focused on the fact that that screen itself is still the same screen. You’re reaching the same household the same way you were through a linear buy,” he said. “As a consumer, the household doesn’t know if you bought linearly or streaming.”

Source: eMarketer/Insider Intelligence

Media owners can now offer advertisers access to linear and streaming households with their investments in newer platforms. The distribution of content among these different channels gives media buyers a broader view of ad inventories.

“We can pull the direct integration of that inventory into the streaming environments,” Rinaldi said. “Getting closer to content providers is going to get us a bigger look at the inventory pull that’s coming through.”

Key performance indicators underpin media-buying strategies for marketers, regardless of video distribution platform. The goal is to simplify the process for advertisers amid the proliferation of “walled garden” media environments with different audience data.

“That’s one of the processes that we’ve gone through lately — bringing our brands and our clients on this journey of simplification and really trying to achieve their business outcomes,” Rinaldi said.

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