Advertisers have a growing number of ways to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns as more consumers spend time with connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. Roku, the maker of a popular video streaming device, has added to its menu of measurement services as marketers demand more outcomes-based metrics.

“We’ve expanded the roster of third-party measurement partners that we work with to help measure traditional TV and linear and streaming across outcomes,” Gaurav Shirole, director of ad measurement at Roku, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “There’s really been an uptick in demand for outcome-based measurement.”

While Roku caters to brand advertisers who rely on trusted metrics like reach and frequency, business outcomes are also significant. Such metrics can include everything from mobile app downloads to subscriptions as viewers respond to video advertising.

“We’ve always worked with third parties to validate the effectiveness of advertising, but what we’ve done is expand the types of outcomes we can support toward the bottom of the funnel as well as some partnerships for continued brand measurement,” Shirole said.

About 54 million U.S. households have a Roku device, while about 38% of smart TVs come equipped with the ability to sign up for its streaming services. Roku is equipped to gather detailed information about consumers and their viewing habits, which helps advertisers to improve their incremental reach to linear TV.

“Many advertisers and agency partners want to take advantage of Roku’s unique relationship with our consumers,” Shirole said.

Nielsen Alliance

Roku in March formed a strategic alliance with TV ratings company Nielsen aimed at improving media measurement and video advertising. Roku agreed to buy Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising (AVA) business that includes its video automatic content recognition (ACR) and dynamic ad insertion (DAI) technologies.

The partnership included a plan to integrate complementary Nielsen ad and content measurement products into the Roku platform and advance the Nielsen One cross-media measurement solution.

“We’re going to look to productize Nielsen TAR [total audience ratings],” Shirole said. “We’re looking to introduce an in-flight reporting mechanism over the next several quarters.”

The goal is to provide advertisers with greater insights into campaign outcomes.

“Not only are they able to see an overall sales lift, but they’re able to understand what’s driving that sales lift,” Shirole said.

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