Branded Content Boosts Engagement With Viewers: Roku’s Chris Bruss

Consumers are exposed to hundreds advertising messages every day, challenging brands to cut through the clutter. Branded content is one way that marketers can integrate their messaging with programming that draws viewers. Roku, the maker of streaming devices that connect TVs to the internet, this year formed the Roku Brand Studio to help advertisers create […]


Advertisers Will Soon Prioritize Addressable TV Over Linear: Finecast’s Harry Harcus

LONDON – The growth in streaming video platforms will reach a point where advertisers make addressable TV central to their media planning. The ability to reach target audiences with more customized messaging will drive this shift, said Harry Harcus, managing director of WPP-owned addressable TV company Finecast. “We’re going to reach a point soon-ish, I […]


Demand Grows for Outcomes-Based Ad Metrics: Roku’s Gaurav Shirole

Advertisers have a growing number of ways to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns as more consumers spend time with connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. Roku, the maker of a popular video streaming device, has added to its menu of measurement services as marketers demand more outcomes-based metrics. “We’ve expanded the roster […]


Ad Metrics Are Evolving With Growth in Streaming Audiences: GroupM’s Bharad Ramesh

Marketers are developing strategies to reach audiences who are spending more time with streaming platforms, specifically those that carry advertising. Measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns has become more challenging as they seek to ensure they’re reaching target audiences. “We are in the process of working with our partners to evaluate and validate these [measurement […]