Kasha Cacy knows that many of the advertiser opportunities on offer today may seem to nestle on disparate islands.

But, through her agency Engine Group, Cacy wants to help brands get the best of both worlds.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Engine’s CEO describes how she wants to connect the dots for clients.

TV plus digital

Cacy, who joined Engine in 2018 from Universal McCann, says connected TV (CTV) advertising is one of the hottest opportunities for brands.

“Having grown up in a media agency, I know the clients like TV,” she says. “It’s scalable, you get big reach, there’s sight, sound, and motion in terms of the messaging.

“It had been, in years past, a little hard to target. And so, you ended up with a lot of waste and you ended up having to sort of be in front of consumers that maybe weren’t the consumers you’d necessarily wanted to be in.

“I think the promise of CTV and applying data to CTV is really that you can get the best of both worlds. You can get the impact of TV advertising with the targetability, the measurement, the ability to look cross-screen and really design much more nuanced and strategic advertising programmes basically.”

Digital for brand-building

But, whilst connected TV is a best-of-both situation, Engine’s Cacy is still trying to push digital advertising to be as effective as linear for certain clients and certain goals – namely, brand-building.

She says digital’s habit of leaning on behavioral data does not necessarily fit that goal.

“The problem is, a lot of my clients have segments that aren’t behavior based.,” Cacy says. “They’re attitudinal based, they’re emotional based, they’re based on their feelings about a brand. It’s been hard to make those connection points.

“A lot of the clients I’ve had in the past  … are looking for a change of attitude or a brand lift. They’re trying to reach a target that doesn’t have an affinity for their brand or they’re trying to reach a target that has a specific attitude. It’s been hard to do that in digital.”

So Engine Group has been trying to combine measurement and data capabilities with a brand-building mindset in a programmatic environment.

Transparent engine

Engine Group had previously grown with an assortment of agencies under its wing, including operating in programmatic.

But, under Cacy’s leadership, the group has consolidated it all under the Engine brand.

Cacy last year was recognized as one of the Workings Mothers of the Year by She Runs It, an industry organization.

She says she was as frustrated as many agency clients were about how opaque the inner workings of digital advertising had become – something she has sought to make more transparent through Engine.

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