Kasha Cacy On Engine Group’s Perpetual Diversity Machine

As the business world steps up to the plate on diversity, equality and inclusion, the advertising industry appears to have a greater responsibility than others. Not only do ad agencies have to get their own corporate practices straight, they also have to represent wider society in the work that they bring to the world. In […]


Move Fast & Chase The Future: EMX’s Zacharski On A CTV-Driven Ad Ecosystem

Could connected TV’s achilles heel also be its superpower? Many who have dabbled with advertising through streaming TV services know that its lack of cookie identifiers has historically been a problem. But the deprecation of third-party cookies in web browsers is proving to be a great leveller. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Michael Zacharski, […]


Flexible & United: Quigley-Simpson’s Fremont On Marketing’s 2021 Lessons

It has been a few years of tremendous disruption, in both the business and social environment and in the way marketers must adapt to changing media consumption dynamics. How can they best respond? By uniting their previously disparate business strategies and thinking on their feet, according to one veteran marketing agency leader. In this video […]


Changes & Challenges: Engine’s Davidson On Ads’ New Data Opportunity

The world of digital marketing has changed incredibly in the last few years, with new data-driven opportunities to reach consumers. But there are still some flies in the digital ointment. That is the view of Andy Davidson, head of analytics and data strategy at Engine Group, a company that uses audience data that helps advertisers […]


Engine CEO Cacy Wants To Give Brands The Best Of Both Worlds

Kasha Cacy knows that many of the advertiser opportunities on offer today may seem to nestle on disparate islands. But, through her agency Engine Group, Cacy wants to help brands get the best of both worlds. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Engine’s CEO describes how she wants to connect the dots for clients. TV […]