Local TV advertising is getting more sophisticated with the development of technologies to help media buyers with their decision-making. That development is part of the broader convergence of traditional linear TV with various digital platforms that are gaining great consumer acceptance.

Advertising agencies are responding to this convergence by combining the expertise of their broadcast and digital buying teams that in the past have focused on different parts of the sales funnel, Jay Stevens, president of Hudson MX, the automated ad-buying platform for local TV, said in this interview with Beet.TV.

“There is a tremendous amount of expertise locked within the TV groups that the digital guys really don’t know,” he said. “They serve different functions.”

The increase in cord-cutting among households that are connecting their TVs directly to the internet instead of subscribing to a cable or satellite service has become more pronounced. The resulting fragmentation challenges media buyers to find ways to effectively buy various inventories in a market.

Source: MarketingCharts.com, Leichtman Research Group

Hudson MX has an open source platform that can be integrated with other services like Comscore for measurement, providing more insights on viewership of programming and advertising. Applying audience data against programming can help to develop a campaign schedule, and with follow-up procedures like offering make-goods.

“It’s not just on the actual buy and the initial schedule selection, but as make-goods come in and the overall campaign stewardship and management of the campaign go through the process, those data need to be applied to better inform the decision process,” Stevens said. “These are things that we on the digital side have taken for granted for so long, but being able to apply data to better inform the decisioning process with broadcast, especially in local, is something that’s quite unique.”

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