It is the joint venture that promises to make 20 million New Yorkers available to advertisers at the push of a button?

So, how is New York Interconnect (NYI) – a JV of Altice USA, Charter Communications and Comcast – approaching the growing desire of ad buyers to reach TV viewers across all their screens?

In this video discussion with VAB CEO Sean Cunningham, NYI chief operating officer Tom Donohue explains the approach.

Rebooting linear

NYI integrates multiple TV content platforms under one umbrella. It aims to make 66 million screens in the New York market buyable by advertisers via the JV partners’ services.

That happens using NYI’s Audience One, a platform for enabling the media buys – and, specifically, the TV+ component.

“We’re able to inform a linear schedule,” Donohue says. “We’re using data as the basis for the schedule’s creation. And then, on the backend, we’re able to do one-to-one deterministic evaluations of that platform – meaning that we can show the ad exposure matched to the conversion and tell advertisers, ‘Here’s how successful you’ve been’.

“By doing that, we’re able to even tell them what network daypart programme is better at turning around results for you than others that might’ve been in that schedule so that, going forward, those are data-informed outcomes that then drive the next set of schedules, so that they’re more crafted to exactly what they want.”

Start with TV

Over-the-top TV viewing is booming. OTT streaming services accounted for 25% of all US TV-viewing minutes during Q2 2020, according to Nielsen Streaming Meter.

EMarketer estimates CTV ad spending will reach $10.81 billion in the US in 2021 – up 56% from two years earlier, and representing around 15% of total US TV ad spending.

But ad buyers are faced with the complexities of a fragmented market. They want to be able to buy across platforms and to measure their efficacy holistically.

“TV is a great platform to start with,” Donohue says. “Seventy-five percent of all 18-plus viewers are on TV. And when you complement that with over the top, it’s a multiplier. That multiplier is important for marketers to get that reach that they want.

Follow the audience

Donohue says New York is a great market for over-the-top advertising because of income levels and other audience attributes.

He says the goal is to offer advertisers the ability to reach consumers throughout the day.

“If you check your phone (in the morning), I want to be able to hit you with something,” he says “If an hour later, you’re on the commute and you’re on your iPad, I want to be able to get you there.

“And, if you get to the office and you’re online, I want to get you there.

And if you get home and you’re watching some linear programme, I want to get you there.

And if you’re at nighttime, again, closing down and watching the news, I want to get you there.

So we want to be agnostic from where you’re taking the content, and we want to make sure that we follow you, the audience, wherever you go.”

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