How New York Interconnect Serves The Big Apple On A Plate

It is the joint venture that promises to make 20 million New Yorkers available to advertisers at the push of a button? So, how is New York Interconnect (NYI) – a JV of Altice USA, Charter Communications and Comcast – approaching the growing desire of ad buyers to reach TV viewers across all their screens? […]


CTV Starts In NYC: Experian’s Danaher On TV Targeting Data

CHICAGO –  If you can make an ad strategy work there, you can make it work anywhere. It’s up to you – but Brad Danaher recommends beginning your targeted TV ad strategy in New York. With connected and addressable TV technology, marketers can buy ads that reach specific audiences. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Look Local, Go Granular: How Carat Finds Audiences

It’s never been a good idea to overlook the value of local media when it comes to popularity with audiences and magnetism for ad buyers and it’s proving to be even more significant after the onset of COVID-19. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Angela Steele, Carat USA CEO, says the pandemic has driven up […]


Keep Calm & Advertise On: VAB’s Cunningham

2020 was a difficult year for many companies. But it may also end up being a year when those that were able to invest in marketing created a new foothold that catapulted them toward growth. VAB, an insights-driven organization dedicated to answering marketers’ toughest questions, says it pulled a century of economic data and found […]


‘Cookie-Cutter’ Media Buys Don’t Work in Politics: NYI’s Randi Langford

This year’s elections brought record levels of spending on campaigns, with the Center for Responsive Politics raising its estimates of a final tally to more than $14 billion from $11 billion only a few weeks before. It’s still too early to tell how much of that amount went into television ads, but there’s little doubt […]


Fans Are Excited for Comeback in Live Sports: Turner’s Marybeth Strobel

Live sports are ready to make a comeback after the pandemic led to the biggest interruption in fan attendance since World War II. As vaccine researchers report surprisingly good results from recent tests, many people next year are more likely to seek things they had shunned, including sporting events, concerts, theaters, airlines, restaurants and stores. […]


Advertisers Want Mix of Traditional Spots, Branded Content: Altice’s Jon Steinberg

The growing number of video channels is challenging advertisers to develop strategies to reach unduplicated audiences both at the national and local level. To stand out amid the clutter, those marketers also want a way to integrate their messaging with content that keeps viewers engaged. Advertisers “want a package that includes branded content, content creation […]


Linear TV Still Works: FOX Sports’ Donnelly

In an era of on-demand consumption, many amateur soothsayers would have you believe that “live TV is dead”. Try telling that to the millions who tune in to live televised sport every week. Live linear still commands and audience and, so, broadcasters still think they can command advertisers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Dan […]


Pandemic Puts Local OTT In The Spotlight: Roku’s Wnuk

Despite years of focus on national media buys, there is a renewed marketer emphasis on local TV. That is partly because of a new recognition that different media markets have different qualities and consumers, and partly because people are realizing over-the-top TV (OTT) services have the ability to target at local level – like cable […]


Local News Provides Superior Targeting for ‘Conquesting’: New York Interconnect’s Charlie Holmes

Local news programming this year has seen strong viewership growth as audiences seek the latest information about the pandemic. For advertisers seeking to convert viewers into new customers — especially as their buying habits change dramatically — local news also provides more concise targeting for both regional and national brands. “We found that a lot […]