As traditional ad tracking mechanisms like cookies diminish, the industry is scrambling to reinstate a viable method of identifying audiences.

Amongst the leading contenders are “identity graphs”, software-driven collections of data that aggregate a number of signals about users into an inferred profile.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kemal Bokhari, General Manager, Data and Analytics, DISH Media Sales, says they will be the key that unlocks the advertising future.

Graphing the future

“Identity is the most important part of addressable,” Bokhari says. “Identity is going to be key as cookies die off.

“Addressable always sends relevant ads to the consumer. The consumer, right now, is overloaded with a lot of advertising that is not relevant to them.

“We have a strong belief that relevant ads are more productive and more useful to the consumer because they get to see ads for products that they’re interested in.

“And identity graphs will make that even more one-to-one targeting to get them the relevant ads instead of the irrelevant ads.

Partner support

DISH, of course, already has sight of its own viewers’ identity, by virtue of being the keeper of subscription relationships.

But it has also called on partners to layer on additional data.

“With our first-party data, we are in a unique position that we have that relationship directly with our subscribers,” Bokhari says.

“And we work with TransUnion to set up a crosswalk with another media agency where they’re able to connect, in a privacy-friendly way, to our subscriber information.

“They can then push to us audience segments that they want to run on DISH and Sling platforms.”

Accelerate change

The benefits? Cost and speed, Bokhari says.

“In the past this media agency would have to send the information to safe haven,” he says.

“And then, the safe haven would then have to push the audience to us.

There would be somebody in between, and there would be costs at each step of the way.

“By doing this direct relationship, we’re able to eliminate that extra step.”

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