People, Not Proxies: Matterkind’s Mihkels On Modern Marketing

LOS ANGLES – How do you solve ad targeting when the fabric of the practice is being torn up? By dealing with real people. That’s according to one ad agency exec using proprietary technology to maintain audience relationships as accepted targeting methods wane. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Karin Mihkels, EVP, Partnerships & Business […]


Learning To Live With The Fragmentation Of Identity: Amobee’s Laredo

CHICAGO – The advertising industry is only just wrapping its head around the necessary and beneficial move from indiscriminate ad targeting to identity-based audience targeting – but now the solutions on offer for the latter already look like splintering. That’s the view of one ad-tech exec who says advertisers may have to accept that what […]


Consumers Are Going to Miss Third-Party Cookies: Goodway’s Jay Friedman

Marketers, publishers and advertising technology companies have sought ways to wean themselves off third-party cookies as makers of web browsers, especially Apple and Google, end support for the audience tracking technology. While consumers are mindful of privacy, they’re likely to miss a technology that provides many conveniences for people as they use the internet. “We’ll […]


OpenAP 2021: Cross-Platform, Davis Says

Thus far, it has helped harmonize how TV networks define their respective audience segments for use by ad buyers. Now the JV that is OpenAP wants to start piecing together viewers themselves. OpenAP’s first act was all about semantics – unifying how the networks described attributes they make available for data-driven buying. In this video […]


There Will Be No Single Cookie Replacement: Innovid’s Hogue

One of the great promises of connected TV advertising – delivering personalized messages to individual viewer or households. But, before it can get there, the technology will have to overcome in-built identity-tracking deficiencies at a time when some of the digital ad industry’s foremost identity technologies are disappearing. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jessica […]


Blockgraph Spreads Its Wings: More Partners, Manningham Says

The company aiming to use blockchain technology to improve the advertising supply chain is itself hoping to add further links to its chain. Blockgraph is a JV of Comcast, ViacomCBS and Charter’s Spectrum Reach that uses the technology behind Bitcoin to enable privacy-compliant sharing of digital ad transaction and effectiveness data between partners. Now it […]


‘Paradigm Shift’: Starcom’s Jackson On The New Dawn Of Identity

CHICAGO – The new ways in which audience identity are having to factor in advertisers’ playbook will prompt ad buyers to take on new duties that previously were handled for them. That is the view of one agency executive who sees the key theme of 2021 being all about filling the identity gap. In this […]


Listen Up: Kegelman’s Spotify Puts Multi-Platform User Data To Work For Advertisers

“Reach people as they cook, study, travel, work out, stream what they love.” That is Spotify’s sale pitch to advertisers. The music and podcast service clocked 185 million monthly active users supported by advertising in Q3 2020 – 31% up on the prior year – as it made €185 million from advertising,  equating to a […]


Identity Graphs Will Improve Ads: DISH’s Bokhari

As traditional ad tracking mechanisms like cookies diminish, the industry is scrambling to reinstate a viable method of identifying audiences. Amongst the leading contenders are “identity graphs”, software-driven collections of data that aggregate a number of signals about users into an inferred profile. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kemal Bokhari, General Manager, Data and […]


Fixing The Future Of Identity: Taboola’s Furman

TEL AVIV – How do you continue seeing your users when your eyes have been taken away? That is the challenge facing many publishers and advertisers, as Google’s 2022 deprecation of third-party tracking cookies looms. Safari and Firefox have already blocked the practice, which enables cross-domain tracking, whilst Apple has also rolled out a slew […]


Trust, Consent & Identity: Oracle’s Jacobson On Digital Marketing

The new balancing act in digital media? Successfully gaining identity signals on audiences in an era of identifier deprecation, whilst staying on the right side of privacy imperatives. That is how Samantha Jacobson, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Oracle, sees the twin compulsion in ad targeting. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Mapping The Graph:’s Harrison On Identity

FORT WORTH – With third-party cookies on their way out and the window closing on mobile identifiers, how is an advertiser supposed to target its audience anymore? At home, according to co-founder Paul Harrison. The deprecation of those cookies plus new use privacy controls introduced to iOS are making targetability more difficult. But, in […]


OTT Platforms Point Way for Cookie-Less Future: Tubi’s Mark Rotblat

LAFAYETTE, CA — While advertisers are bracing for the end of third-party cookies and mobile device identifiers to track online audiences, providers of over-the-top video services have functioned in a cookieless environment for years. Instead, they have developed first-party data about viewers, and enriched the information with third-party sources. “As an OTT company, we have […]